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the facts

The 411 on ME:
Lels* also known as: ellen-y, lellilano, lelle, elliano, elle,lellen, ellen, helena, shorty, shrimp.
Birthday: October 5th 1986
height: exactly 5ft
My theme song: Graduation (friends forever)"-Vitamin C
THAT song: "At the Beginning" -Richard Marx and Donna Lewis, "Where you are" -Jessica Simpson ft. Nick Lachey
What i wear: black, blue, dark green and white...but i like my earrings silver and my rings on my thumb. :)
fave edibles : Cranberry Juice, sticky buns.
fave chinese food: ho fun with beef
I am: a girrly girl.
Fave Pasttime: Watching movies.
Fave Qoute: "All my best thoughts were stolen by the Ancients"
I absolutely hate: Hard Volleyballs, Fire, Hurdles, and Blood.
Holiday Spot: singapore
Fave Word: equivocal - a sign or indication of uncertainty.
Loves: friends, reading, the phone, lazy sat. afternoons, movies, the net, meeting new pple.
fave programs: Ed, Gilmore Girls, Ally, Felicity.
In my Hi-fi: I burn my CDs as of this summer.
Fave Bands/singers: O-town, Nelly Furtado, Nikki Hassman, Craig David.
Bestest Albums ever: Dawson's Creek 1st album, BSB's Millenium.
Fave actresses: Julia Stiles and Audrey Hepburn.
Fave actor: jesse bradford
Fave Animated Feature: Anastasia.
Fave cartoon series: Daria
Most Meaningful Qoute: "We learn not to love a perfect person perfectly, but instead to love an imperfect person perfectly" -unknown
Closest Net Friend (as in cyberspace) : yixz
Bestest Friend (as in BFF) : henry
Friend Since Diapers (as in forever) : sabine
Fave Films: Sabrina Fair, I have a Date with Spring, The Virgin Suicides, Save the Last Dance.
Future Occupation: No ideas.
fave on-screen couple: George Clooney and Michelle Phfieffer .o. Julia Stiles and Sean Patrick Thomas :)
Fave Painters: Vermeer, Botichelli.
Fave Painting: 'Girl with the Pearl Earring' (on the 'writings' page)
subject i HATE: Biology
subjects i like: human geography, english literature.
FAVE BOOKS: Pride and Prejudice, Bloomability, Girl with the Pearl Earring, Until The Real Thing Comes Along, Looking For Alibrandi.
Fave Short Story: Kissing Tennesse -Kathi Appelt
Fave Children's Book: Someday Angeline -Louis Sachar.
Authors I Respect Most: Jane Austen, Richard Paul Evans, Marianne Fredrikkson, Elizabeth Berg, Kaylie Jones, Sharon Creech,