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I am completely shattered, shocked and terrified at what happened. (I had an entire entry dedicated to this, but it got deleted. I'm typing this off by heart) I cannot believe that it happened, it was like some kind of bad action movie nightmare come true. It was petrifying - at this very moment the entire world is mourning. The most tragic part is not only the fact that what happened happened it's the fact that all those people who were in the twin towers, who were in the planes had families, had fiancees, had baby boys, and lives ahead of them that now cannot be lived out because of one intensely selfish act. All that... gone. And that is the most heart breaking part of all.

But you know what the strange thing is? I don't blame the Palistinians. They didn't know better - and from now on it's not their job to do so - it's up to the rest of the world. I only hope that Bush would, even though he is a (freakin') idiot. (I mean for crise sakes, in his "God Bless America" speech he was qouting from the Bible, the majority of the people in the crisis were Jewish, Muslim, Buddhists, Hindu - by qouting from the 'Good Book' that already excludes all of them already. This is a religious war already, is he completely insane? By doing so, he's making the Palistinians even the more happier.) But either way i'm hoping with all my might that no matter how dictative he might be, that he'd have the smallest bit of sense in him - and save America - without war. (Depsite what his speech says, this MUST NOT end up in war - no matter how long it takes to make peace treaties.) And i, as a child of the world today have learnt from the textbooks, my only hope is that the rest of the white house will as well.

For everyone else - you're in my prayers.

PS: I added Vans on my partners page *hugs*. Chek out her extreme gorgeous site, my fave poem of hers ('You') is going to get published in poetry.com's 'The Silence Within.' How much does that rok? *congrats girly!*

-lotsaluv, lels* 14th of September 2001

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