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for the friends :)

hey'all... pple: this is for u :)

Sabine: Since diapers is definately the correct term :) thanks for that 4am talk that explained it all... and viBes! and the flinstone and cinnamon buns and mtv :) that was the bestest summer - lol - so i'll see u when u go on YOUR summer holz... hehe* summer sisters always, ily loads.

Yixz: thanks for advice (over 200 emails?), guidance in html, and just listening me talk jibberish for 4yrs... it's meant loads - definately more than u know :) so, thank you - ily always girl

The Crew:
S girls a.k.a. gay pple 4eva [vix, yolz, tiff, himz, fei, madz +jess :) ] : i luv u guys loads, loads and loads. i'll always be here for all of u. it's been 4yrs...3yrs...2yrs... since we've all known one another. never forgets our *special* place: the BETCH. *hehe. spazms in the classrooms; hehe* 'say my name, say my name'. thx always for being here and just accepting me back without questions... it's meant loads. ily guys.

The guys [cant be bothered to specifiy; but u know the MUN, Rowing, Econ guys - david, henry, andrew, kevin, daniel, tim, zubi, yush etc] : outside of u guys humping one another surprise surprise u actually brighten up the place. yeah i luv u guys 2 :P and... thx for listening at all those diff. times and hwk help and 4am fone calls :)

Girly Gang a.k.a Bitches (2000) - la-z, bhav, joz, laynor, migayla, xoli, kiki, jise, carlos, nanner, diya, richa, trz: u guys have been amazing... even though it's only been a year, it's like it's been forever. thx for the amazing laughs and god knows how many dinners :) * starbux'll * always be THE place to be. fraps4eva :) luv u loads.

Science Girls: BIKA :) lol. mr. parker's x'mas tree. the 100% BITCH grr. zigzag rings.

Other * special * pple:
Minj: homepage sista :) hehehe* latenitechatsinyr9 -->thx! mathsmartass :)
Lex: chickens do run - wow. thanks for k . i . t . whenever u came back... :P and our long 4hr fone calls... wow... amazing. ly. - good luck with ahm.