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Counter Zergling Rush (Terran)

Start building an SCV. Spread out your SCV's to different patches.

When the SCV is done send it to harvest minerals.

Build another SCV.

When this SCV is dont send to harvest minerals.

Wait till you have about 140 minerals, take an SCV and get ready to build a barracks and leave a space so that a bunker can fit behind it.

Build another SCV.

Then, another until you have 8.

When the barracks is done start training a marine and build a bunker behind the barracks.

Queue another marine in the barracks.

When the bunker is done put the marine inside and start building a supply depot with another SCV. When the second marine is done the zerglings should be attacking. The first SCV should still be there, so get it to repair the bunker when the zerglings are attacking.

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