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Counter Zergling Rush (Protoss)

In no occasion do i recommend going forge before gateway. Most people do not commit to the 4 pool zergling rush, and by going forge first.. you give a good zerg the green light to make 3-4 early hatcheries without having to worry about any kind of offenses. This right here can almost lose you the game.

Instead, I recommend an 8 pylon/9 gate. You will usually have 1 zealot out when the rush comes, take this zealot and run him to your workers. When the lings come to attack him, dance him around while your probes take free hits. Due to AI weaknesses, the lings will always target the zealot unless they are specifically told to kill probes.

Once you stop the inital rush (assuming the zerg did rush) you will have a big advantage. Keep pumping probes and making zeals from 2 gates. Vs zerg i suggest getting quick 1-0 and speed for your zealots. This will increase their effectiveness vs hydra and lings. Also, get to templar fairly quickly. Storm and speedy zeals is enough to make the zerg almost have to go air. Since you know this, morph an archon or 2... no more muta problems =]

From here, just make sure you out resource the zerg... as long as you stay ahead in minerals and get plenty of high templar and zealots as well as any anti-air you may need... you'll win most times.

Thank you to NCG Draegar or Me=SUX for this strat

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