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Dark Templar Rush Build Order

1. Build up to 7 probes.

2. After the 7th is done you should be able to start warping in a pylon.

3. Build up to 9 probes.

4. Start a gateway.

5. Start an assimilator.

6. Keep building probes non stop.

7. When the assimilator warps in send 4 probes on gas.

8. When the gateway finishes you should be able to start a cybernetics core.

9. Warp in another pylon.

10. Warp in a zealot. Scout with your probe.

11. After the cybernetics core is done start warping in a citadel of adun.

12. When the citadel finishes warping in, start a templar archives and another gateway.

13. Warp in another pylon when you have the minerals.

14. The gateway should finish right when your archives do.

15. start warping in dark templars from both gateways.

16. Attack!

Targets are forges and engineering bays as well as comsat stations. If the enemy already has detection stay near chokes and naturals. You can easily switch to reavers. Remember to expand! If your enemy has lone cannons, two dark templars can take it out.