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   Wanna join the E-Fishes? Fill out this form. The E-Fishes will accept almost everyone. All genders. All races. All colors. All species. All ages. We will not accept racists or bigots.

First Name:

Bnet Screen Name You Use the Most:

Which race do you feel most comfotable with?

Do you ladder?

What's your record? Wins? Losses? Disconnects?

What's your e-mail address?

Are you willing to change your screen name for the clan?

Ok, once you submit the form I will send you an e-mail stating the screen name you must change to or you can choose one of your own by replying to me. We don't have a channel yet. When we get more members I will start a channel and a page devoted to the clan. Alright thanx and enjoy being an E-Fish!!!