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Friends Of Arabian Horses Rescue

Helping the Noble Arabian Horse through better understanding, education and salvation





Visit our Horses Available page for those horses we are currently offering for Adoption. The information posted for each horse is based upon a veterinary evaluation and a trainer's evaluation. The information may still be preliminary, although we do not offer any horses for adoption until they have been with us a minimum of 60 days for treatment and care. During this time they are under the guidance of our veterinarian and farrier, are placed into quarantine if necessary (either they have come from an auction or feedlot rather than a private home, or another situation deemed unsatisfactory) and they are evaluated by a competent trainer.

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How To Adopt:

Friends of Arabian Horses Rescue is an organization dedicated to saving abused, neglected and slaughterbound equines. If you are interested in adopting one of the animals we currently have available, you must agree to our stringent terms and conditions, and these horses are NOT free! If you are looking for a free or inexpensive "bomb proof", physically and emotionally sound horse who isn't too elderly and that anyone can ride, you have come to the wrong place. While sometimes we do have young, well trained, sound horses available, they are the exceptions and not the rule. Many of our horses have suffered physical abuse or injuries, and many have suffered emotional trauma. They can be difficult to train, have limited abilities or be only suited as pasture companions or pets. Some of them have serious issues best dealt with only by accomplished horsemen. There are usually reasons these horses have not been able to find homes...but they need YOU to bring one of them home and love them! Please consider adopting today!

Adoption Fees:

Our adoption fees vary due to the circumstances under which we acquired the equine and how much the rescue has had to put forth in veterinarian fees, etc., for rehabilitation and possible training. Please note the adoption fee posted on each horse's page.

You MUST keep us apprised of the horse's location at all times and of the name(s) and contact information for any trainer(s) you use for the horse.

Please visit our Adoption Application page to apply!



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