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Video Presentations

A Few of the Net's Best
Haiku Links


A Dictionary of Haiku, Classified by Season Words
with Traditional and Modern Methods


A Brief Introduction
to Haiku


Beer Haiku Daily

Cat Haiku

Computer Error
Messages in Haiku


Contest Your Best Haiku,
by Hot-Tamale


The Genuine Haiku



Haiku Contests

Haiku Poet's Hut

Haiku Society of America

Haiku World

Haiku for People

Haiku for You

Haiku, Haibun, Haiga,
Photohaiku, Arthaiku




Harry Potter Haiku

Hockey Haiku

How to Write a Haiku

How to Write a Haiku Poem

Irish Haiku Society

Jack Kerouac Haiku

Modern Haiku

Roadrunner Haiku Journal

SPAM Haiku Archive!

Shamrock: Journal of the
Irish Haiku Society


Simply Haiku:  A Quarterly
Journal of Japanese
Short Form Poetry


Techie Haiku from

Tiny Words --
Haiku Archive

Twitter -- Realtime
Results for #haiku
World Haiku Association
Zombie Haiku
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"Wish I had time for
Just one more bowl of chili."
Kit Carson's last words ??

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