HoCo Let's Go !! -- Kilroy's Choice:
Some of the Web's More
Interesting Sites

Kilroy's Choice:

Links to a Few of the Web's More Interesting Sites
Top Off the Latest News with an Animated
Color Cartoon or Audio Spoof from:
Mark Fiore   or   Walt Handelsman   or   JibJab
Sample the Work of Two of Howard County's
Most Talented Artists
Michael Oberman's Outstanding Wildlife Photography
George J.E. Sakkal's Maximilist Nouveau Collages
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Treat Yourself to Some Classic Old-Time Movie Comedies
at the
Charlie Chaplin Film Festival
Modern Times         Gold Rush         The Great Dictator         City Lights
And While You're Here, Try Visiting
Some of These Locations:
Kilroy's Fireside
Kilroy's Library of
Medieval Studies
Groovin' with Gabrieli
Kilroy's Music and
Art Festival
Kilroy's On-Line Classic
Film Festival
Kilroy's American Industrial Skills and
Productivity Cinemaplex:  The Decline and
Fall of Metropolitan Detroit and
Its Manufacturing Base
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Kilroy's Olde Tyme Electric
Radio Station

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Some Humorous and Nostalgic
Songs of the 1950s & '60s
The Best Years of
Our Lives
The Statler Brothers
Hoppy, Gene, and Me
Roy Rogers
My Boomerang Won't
Come Back
Charlie Drake
Whatever Happened to Randolph Scott
The Statler Brothers
The Shriners' Convention
Ray Stevens
Do You Remember These?
The Statler Brothers
Tie Me Kangaroo Down, Sport
Rolf Harris
Saturday at the Strand
The Statler Brothers
Never Smile at a Crocodile
Rolf Harris
Class of '57
The Statler Brothers
The Hippopotamus Song
Rolf Harris
Child Of The Fifties
The Statler Brothers
Child Of The Fifties
Doug Gamble & Lee Durley




Folk Music















Travel & Adventure


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On-Line Literature -- Special Collections
Best Online Classic Children's
Books & Stories
Classic Camping, Woodcraft, and Mountaineering Collection
USA / Japan
Haiku Works
Best Works of The People's
Poet:  Edgar Guest

The Amazing & Exciting


Best Works of Naturalist,
Philosopher, and Author:
John Burroughs


The Old Scouts'
On-Line Library


Kit Carson Collection

What Would
Teddy Roosevelt
Do ??


Lewis and Clark
Expedition Collection


The Library of Historic
Characters and Famous
Events of All Nations and
All Ages


Some Selected Works of
Bertrand Russell

Kilroy's Library of
Medieval Studies
Koyemsi's Library of
Native American Studies
Some Commentaries
on Social Justice
Private Kilroy's Library of the
American Civil War
A Library of American Independence, the
Revolution, and Founding of the Nation

Many More Great Books Arriving Continuously
All Available for Your Browsing Enjoyment at
Kilroy's Fireside Library:  The Annex

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Enjoy Kilroy's "Sextupleplex"
Current Audiovisual Treats

(Remember to turn off other sound applications
before playing these clips.)


Screen 1.  Emily Loizeau -- 'Je Suis Jalouse' Music Video
Screen 2.  Flight 117 Emergency Landing on Highway 405  (Spoof !!)
Screen 3.  Louis Armstrong -- Stompin' At The Savoy
Screen 4.  Ruins of the Castle and Priory in Tynemouth on the North
Screen 5.  A Picasso on the Beach
Screen 6.  Beethoven's Fifth a la Salsa -- Andre Rieu





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