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December 21, 2000
Hey! Ok...this is the update page. i just thought it would be easier on you people who frequent this page to see what i've done since you've came the last time!!! :)

January 1, 2001 (01/01/01 hehe)
Ok, the site is now officially up and running. i still have quite a few more things i'm gonna do but for the most part i've added new pictures, changed backgrounds and animations and stuff, added some stuff about their latest album, Learning to Breathe and well just check out the page! You'll find out! :)

January 3, 2001
I added some juicy news to the news section

January 4, 2001
*Check out the news section again! Our boys are just all over!
*I also changed the background on the Band bio section thanks to Ferd's suggetion! Thanks girl! i owe ya!

January 8, 2001
I scanned and added the interview from the latest issue of CCM. Also i put a pic up in the group pics section from the magazine too!

January 9, 2001
Check out the news section

February 21, 2001 (happy birthday Dad!)
Check out the news

February 23, 2001
I added 4 new pics--2 of jon and 2 of tim, courtesy of Maria-- so be sure and check them out and check out her page also!

March 11, 2001
I added some pics to the group pictures so check them out! you'll be surprised!

March 22, 2001
There's a bit of new News (haha try saying that 5 times fast! ok so maybe it can be done...)on Jon Foreman's award so go check it out!

March 27, 2001
More news in the news section :)

April 3, 2001
I had some complaints bout the pop-up things on the index page being annoying after the 5th or 6th time lol so i changed it around. it's now on the OUTSIDE of the site! :)

April 17, 2001
I went to a concert on the 12th so i put up a Concert Review section of my very um eventful night lol so be sure and check it out and send me your reviews of concerts!

April 23, 2001
I added new pics to the Jon, Tim, Chad, and Group Pics page from the concert i went to on April 12 and i also put up a special page with Relient K pics :)

April 24, 2001
I added a new pic to the Relient K part that i forgot to put on there in the first place of Matt Hoopes!

June 7, 2001
Switchfoot Rocker sent me a concert review so check out the review section to hear how her concert went!

July 21, 2001
I added a picture to the Group Pics section from the CCM Magazine for July and the article is under interviews. Check it out

August 13, 2001
I added a new page called "Achievements" that lists...well..everything that Switchfoot has achieved so far :) I got most of the info from Learning 2 Breathe so check out that page too cuz it's awesome!

October 17, 2001
I added some really cool news to the news section (duh). so be sure to read it cuz it has insight on Switchfoot's future ;)

October 25, 2001
**Added ALOT of news and some breaking news about Switchfoot on a c.d.!
**Added some new accomplishments
**Added a new picture to the group section

January 31, 2002
Happy New Year! Check out the news section!!

March 7, 2002
I posted another concert review! Go check it out and if you have one send it to me! :)