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Concert Review

hey ! this is a new thing i've decided to do and since i went to a concert on thursday i'm gonna start now! hehe :)

Thursday April 12, 2001---Memphis, TN
Hey guys and gals! i went to see switchfoot on thursday and let me tell was the best and worst night of my life!!! ok here goes *deep breath* we got there an hour and 15 minutes before the doors opened. so we were sitting outside waitin and talkin and stuff and all the sudden the door opens and tim and jon stick their heads out. we're like whoa! then they go back in. it starts to pour down rain and jon comes BACK out with a slicker on and his cell phone to make a call. meanwhile my friend tiff and i (we are HUGE sf fans!) are trying to stay calm. i decide to try and crack a joke and say, 'tiff we can't act like nsync fans' and we started pretending we were them *you know those kids you see screamin and crying and stuff?* and when we did that jon walked back by! lol he just laughed at us.

so the doors open and we go in and the room is pretty small. we were the first ones in so we ran right up to the front. well, first up was Relient K and let me tell you those boys are CUTE! hehe they put on a great show! the mosh pit was well into effect and i had so much fun! if you've never been in a mosh pit you should try it! :) they played for about 20 minutes-my fave part was when matt theissen (lead singer/guitar) said 'we wrote this song bout our personal experiences' and they started playin their version of bsb's "i want it that way".

then Switchfoot came on! it rocked! at first they were moshin so bad that i got pushed up onto the steps that led onto the stage (which is where i stayed the entire sf concert) and got great pics (those are comin as soon as i get them developed)! then it quieted down. they did quite a few songs (they were on maybe 45 minutes) includin..LTB, chem 6a, poparazzi (which jon dedicated to the BSB), new way, love is the movement, and some others but i can't remember right now. then there was a 15 minute intermission.

so my friend amber and i decided to cut out on our other friends tiff and sam in the moshpit and we went to buy our stuff. we went outside (it was rainin the whole time) and i ended up lockin my keys in the car!!!!! :( i grabbed my friend's keys instead of my own! so i spent the WHOLE 'tones concert outside! but i got to meet tim and andrea (he was carryin her luggage awww) and talk to jon. he said he was sorry when i told him bout lockin my keys in the car. after i called my parents to come drive the hour and a half to unlock my car (they had the key) and after we went back in to hear the supertones for like 2 seconds and my BATTERY IN MY CAMERA WENT DEAD *argh* we jetted across the street to use the bathroom in the hotel. Matt T. from relient k was on the phone! then, jon foreman came down to get ice! he said hey to us and looked at me and said, 'good luck gettin home' and i said 'thanks i'll need it' and he was like 'hey are your parents on their way or someone?' i said, 'yeah'and he goes 'oh well i was gonna call triple A for you but..'i was like 'oh no ! thanks!' then he goes' ok bye!' we were like aww he's so sweet! so we went to talk to matt t and the woman at the desk was like 'are one of you jennifer?' and i'm like yeah me. my mom was on the phone! she called a lock guy to come unlock my car! so we were waiting for the guy to unlock my car and (the concert was over) and matt from the supertones walks by! we chased him down and he tried to autograph some stuff for us but the pen wouldn't work so he gave us his clothes hangers! it was cool! after i got my keys back (it costed 50 bucks!) i went in and got everyone from rK and switchfoot to sign my visor i had on.

so the moral of the story is, always keep your keys glued to your pockets :) just kidding!

and if you go and see switchfoot this summer...ask jon if he remembers a girl from memphis lockin her keys in her car lol i just want to see :)

Switchfoot Rocker's Concert Review:

February 16, 2001. Jacksonville, FL

I went to the concert in Feb. at Jacksonville....well Relientk called it Michealjacksonville..:) cute! Well, my concert ROCKED! While we were waiting for Relient K to go on...We saw Jon just standing by the stage like 15 feet away so we called his name and we ran over gave him a high five and took at picure with him!(the security guard told us to give him a high five) then relientk rocked the stage and next came SWITCHFOOT! that was soo awesome! Finally it was Supertones and I almost got picked to go on stage but i didn't! They were tons of fun..and it was awesome when all bands came out on stage near the end!! After the show was over they all came off the stage and we saw tim:) walking towards the booth to sign stuff and we yelled him name! He stopped and I ran toward him shook his hand (off) and he signed my shirt..along withthe other guys in switchfoot! All in all IT ROCKED SOO MUCH AND I LOVE SWITCHFOOT!!

Josh Mas''s Concert Review:

March 2, 2002 Concord, CA

"I was at the concert this past Saturday 3/2/02 in Concord, CA. Switchfoot was the only band there and man they went off! They played 12 songs and the first song of the night was “You already take me there”. They played the video on a screen in the background. That was pretty cool. I stood right in front of Jon the entire show and got great pictures of the band. I was able to get their autographs at the end of the night. They are very nice. They kept saying to people, “I hope you liked the music”. Liked the music!? What are you kidding? What other group has more talent than these guys? Anyway…Switchfoot rocks…God is good…Thank Him for them."

-Josh M.

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