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Switchfoot Quotes

These quotes were taken from the article in the June addition of Breakaway, a Christian magazine for guys. (no i'm NOT a guy but i LOVE Switchfoot soo much that when my friend daniel sent me the pics from the article, i went to the website to read it!) Click here to read the rest of the article! enjoy!


Just what are their thoughts on being Preacher's kids?

*There's no hypocrisy, and having that as a role model has been just incredible for us.*--Tim Foreman

*Probably the most important thing my parents have given me would be the realization that Christ is a person and my need to know Him individually and personally -- not to rely on anything else -- whether it be the faith of your family or friends to fill that identity for you, but really to know Christ personally.* --Chad Butler


*What do we really want to say to the world? Three main themes. The inability to find completion in our modern society, the inability to find completion within ourselves, and the new way to be human in what Christ offers us -- His love and His perfect plan of redemption for us."--Jon Foreman

*We view life and the whole world under the lordship of Christ. Knowing that everything is God -created and that everything is under His control really freed us up to be able to enjoy more of what we do and enjoy everyday life more fully.*--Chad Butler


*Growing up on the beach, you're faced with just as many temptations. There are all the drugs and sex and just sin."--Chad Butler


*A big part of it is staying out of places where you're going to be tempted. Give yourself an opportunity, and you're opening a door. If you don't give yourself an opportunity, nothing's going to go down."--Jon Foreman

*Not only is sex before marriage such a huge risk in this generation with all the crazy physical repercussions, but there's also the emotional risk of losing so much of yourself.*--Chad Butler

*If you truly love someone, you're going to be pure because true love comes from God, and God tells us to remain pure. That's good enough for me.*--Jon Foreman


*If you can have a couple of tight friends that you can tell things to, that you can say, 'Hey, this is what I'm struggling with,' and then pray and talk about it, then that's an incredible thing.*--Jon Foreman

*A lot of kids won't go to their parents when they have a problem. I've found that's pretty much always the best place to go. My mom, my dad always have the most wise insights with pretty much everything i deal with.*--Tim Foreman


*The biggest problem facing our world today is a lack of hope and a lack of meaning. (It's) basically just a postmodern world in which there is no right or wrong, no better or worse.*--Jon Foreman

One of the bands goals is to use their music to counteract that kind of thinking with the hope of Christ:

*That sense of belonging to the Lord, the hope that we have in salvation in Christ and the promises that God gives us rather than the hopelessness.*--Chad Butler


*It's funny, because I used to write songs to relax--at the end of the day or in between classes. The last couple of years, I've been writing (music) for work. So it's like, 'What am I gonna do to relax?' Surfing is something we can do and just be able to feel at home.*--Jon Foreman

*The best part about surfing is being out right before sunset. The wind starts to die down and the sun kind of jumps in with you. It's hard to see how anyone cannot be aware of God's presence.*--Tim Foreman


*A few things are for sure: we're going to be supporting each other in who we are; our friendships will be inact; our relationship with Christ will be at the head; and we'll be playing music, whether in our bedroom or in Amsterdam.* --Jon Foreman