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All right! i finally got my pics up and i redid the whole section so it's a heck of alot easier on you guys! Now i know how it find new pics and you want to save them and use them. Well if you want to save them and print them off and put them in your room or whatever that's cool. Iif you want to use them on your page that's cool with me BUT (don't ya love buts? hehe) I would like you to do me a huge favor!

1.) Go to the banner section and use one of my banners on your page and

2.) And on the page you use my picture...i'd like for you to say something about it being from my webpage to let everyone know it's mine. oh and

3.) Email me and let me know you used it and give me your address to your page so i can see it! and i'll sign your guestbook too hehehe