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Switchfoot News

December 21, 2000
The latest CCM (Contemporary Christian Music) Magazine actually has a two page article on the boys! There is a picture in the article of course and also a picture on the contents page! If you're not sure which magazine it is, it has P.O.D. on the cover (another great rock band!).

January 3, 2001
Well it's totally official! Tim's gettin married! The date has been set for some time in the Spring! Congratulations Tim!!!

January 4, 2001
As you know, the Grammy nominations are out! Switchfoot is nominated in some catergory (i'm gonna find out soon!) for Learning to Breathe! As soon as i find out what's it for i'll let you know but the guys are gearing up to go to their first Grammy Award Show! Way to go guys! You've earned it! :)

January 8, 2001
Ok, it's official! lol i found out what Switchfoot was nominated for! It's "Best Rock Gospel Album" by an artist, duo, or group! So be sure and toon in on February 21. I haven't been able to find out what time or channel but check back and i'll have it soon! You can also go to if you want to look at the other nominees or whatever!

January 9, 2001
All right the grammy's are on CBS and i'm not sure what time but that's what station it's on :)

January 13, 2001 (Happy Birthday, Kaitlyn!)
~Ok, for those of you who watch Dawson's Creek regularly like i do...Wednesday night had a new episode! it was so good! if you missed it, i'd hate to be you! ;) Ok, i know you're like what does this have to do with Switchfoot? Well, during a very critical moment at Gretchen's (Pacey's sister-Pacey is played by Josh Jackson) ex-boyfriend's party, Switchfoot was playing in the background! The song 'Love Is The Movement' (number 4 off Learning to Breathe) was blasting from the speakers! I thought it was rad!
~Also, i found out the Grammy's come on at 8 p.m. Eastern/7 Central for all those in my area!, on February 21st on CBS! Be sure and check'em out cuz Switchfoot might take home a Grammy!

February 21, 2001 (happy birthday dad!)
Welllllllllllllllllll...Switchfoot didn't win. i haven't seen the grammy's yet (i taped them i had a busy rehearsal night with my singing group here at college) but i stopped by the official site to check and Pettra got it. But HEY! at least they were NOMINATED! that means SOMEONE out there has some sense? right???? ;)

March 22, 2001
All right! Jon Foreman won some type of award last month but i don't think i put it on here cuz i wasn't sure of what it was exactly! So here's excerpt from Sparrow Records newsletter:

Switchfoot’s Lead Man Wins Prestigious Gibson Guitar Award
First a Grammy nomination, and now this… Switchfoot member Jon Foreman has been honored with the Les Paul Horizon Award in the 2001 Orville H. Gibson Guitar Awards held in Los Angeles this month. Foreman took home the "Most Promising Up & Coming Guitarist" trophy over such notable players as Matt Scannell of Vertical Horizon and Tim Womack from Sons Of The Desert. Hear Jon's string bending dexterity for yourself on Switchfoot's newest project, the Grammy nominated LEARNING TO BREATHE, featuring the new single and video, "You Already Take Me There.""
Congratulations Jon! :)

March 27, 2001
In the latest Sparrow Records newsletter for March 23, the subject was : Switchfoot Video Added to MTV's 120 Minutes here's what they had to say:

1. Switchfoot Video Added To MTV2's 120 Minutes!

GREAT NEWS!!! Switchfoot's video for "You Already Take Me There" has been added to MTV2's 120 Minutes! MTV2 is the all video channel run by MTV and is the launching pad for many videos by new and developing artists. YOU can support Switchfoot by requesting "You Already Take Me There" at
Keep checking and for exact dates/times!

**So if you get MTV2 be sure and vote for them and watch for the vid! :) I, for one, haven't see the vid yet but I'm sure it's great so congrats to Switchfoot!!
~~And, I'm going to see Switchfoot in concert (for the third time! yay!) on April 12th with the supertones and relient k (two other awesome bands!) so be sure and come back for my concert review!! and new pics!:)

October 17, 2001
Chad and Tina had their baby. I'm not sure exactly when but they named it Evan. Evan Butler. Let's all say it together now, "Awwwww!" hehe Also, Jon Foreman is now engaged! Congratulations to Jon! LiftYourfocus, a person in my yahoo! club Switchfoot Rocks posted a link with this information on it...thanks to LiftYourFocus for the info! :)

"There have been two recent additions to the lives of Switchfoot members: diamond rings and teething rings!

Guitarist Tim Foreman married Andrea Valenzuela earlier this summer in an outdoor ceremony in San Diego. Drummer Chad Butler and his wife Tina are proud new parents with the birth of their new child, Evan (Tina actually went into labor while Switchfoot was playing their last concert on tour with the O.C. Supertones this past Spring!) And Jon Foreman, vocalist and guitarist for the group, is planning for his upcoming wedding."

October 22, 2001
Happy 25th Birthday, Jon Foreman!!

October 25, 2001
**Switchfoot recently won 2 San Diego Music Awards for Best Pop Group and Best Pop Album! Best Pop Album was voted on by the public! Way to go!

**UPCOMING SOUNDTRAK DEBUT! Switchfoot will be featured on the "A Walk To Remember" soundtrak. 5 or 6 songs of Switchfoot's songs will be on this soundtrak. Here's what i received from the Switchfoot Crew on what the movie is about:

"The film follows the extremely moving Nicholas Sparks storyline about a minister’s daughter facing the struggles of growing up and the fight for her life. In a turning point of the film, Mandy Moore sings the Switchfoot song, “Only Hope” (a very beautiful version, might we add). The Switchfoot version and 4 or 5 other songs are also played throughout the rest of the movie. We will keep you posted on this exciting opportunity for us as things develop. "

**Switchfoot has now officially added Jerome Fontamillas (if you've been to the tour this year you've seen him on guitar and keys) to Switchfoot!! Welcome Jerome!! He was formerly of Mortal and Foldzandura.

***There's alot that's being added to so check by there for more details and i'll give them to you as i get them! The main thing that is being added as of right now is the discussion board. Right now there are only 6 forums but they will add more as needed. The 6 are as follows:

1.) All About Switchfoot
2.)Open Forum
3.) Switchfoot Web Ring
4.) Tell Switchfoot
5.) Switchfoot Crew
6.) What's Your Favorite Song?

So be sure and check them out. A girl in my club is in charge of the What's Your Favorite Song forum so be SURE and check THAT one out when it gets up! :) Her name is authenticbatgirl in my club Switchfoot Rocks

January 24, 2002
Happy New Year everyone! haha! Here's a little news on the movie that Switchfoot is featured on the soundtrak:

"Switchfoot – Mandy Moore's Favorite New Band

You ought to be in pictures, or at least on the soundtrack of a major motion picture! Congratulations to Switchfoot who literally dominate the new soundtrack album for the Warner Brothers film “A Walk To Remember” starring pop star Mandy Moore and Shane West (TV’s “Once & Again”). As it turns out, the band and Moore have a mutual friend who led the teen singer to Switchfoot’s music. And when it was time to prepare the musical background for her film debut, she knew the band was right for the job.

"Switchfoot has, by far, become my favorite new band over the past year,” says Mandy Moore. “I have spent the last 12 months learning about them and their music, listening non-stop to every one of their albums and I can never get enough! The songs are so meaningful, beautiful and straight from the heart.”

The soundtrack features four Switchfoot songs spanning all three of the group’s acclaimed albums; “I Dare You To Move,” “Learning To Breathe,” “Only Hope,” and “You.” Moore also contributes a separate cover of “Only Hope” and joins Switchfoot lead singer/guitarist Jon Foreman on a rendition of The New Radicals’ “Someday We’ll Know.”

“A Walk To Remember” hits theatres on January 25, and the soundtrack is in stores now. For more information about Switchfoot, remember to walk over to:

January 26, 2002
Hey everyone! Here's some personal news from ME! I went and saw the movie "A Walk To Remember" and it is awesome!!!! go see it! and buy the soundtrak! it has 4 songs by switchfoot on it..."Learning to Breathe", "I dare you to move", "You", and "Only Hope" not to mention the song that jon sings with mandy moore is awesome! and there's Mandy Moore's version of "Only Hope".

January 31, 2002
Hey the dove award nominees are out! and Switchfoot has scored one! Here it is:

Short Form Music Video of the Year
"All Over Me" the benjamin gate
"Call On Jesus" Nicole C. Mullin
"Everything" Delirious?
"Extreme Days" Toby Mac
"I have Been There" Mark Schultz
"Reborn" Rebecca St. James
"You Already Take Me There" Switchfoot Yay switchfoot!!