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Legend Of Chin 1997. Re:think Records This cd has songs on it like *Chem 6A*, *Concrete Girl*, *Life and Love and Why*, and *Nothing More*. When you listen to it it makes you want to get up and dance! ;) It's a great album!

New Way To Be Human 1999 Re:think records a division of Sparrow Records. This album rocks! It has songs on it like *Incomplete*, *Company Car*, *Let That Be Enough*, *Only Hope*, and *I Turn Everything Over*. You can tell they have really matured since Legend.

Learning To Breathe 2000 Re:think records a division of Sparrow Records This is definetly my favorite album of all (so far). The quirky lyrics and music of "Poparazzi" and "Loser" are fun to listen and make up your own dances to (hehe). A few other songs like "Dare You To Move", "Learning To Breathe", and "Economy of Mercy" are worth listening to just for the spiritual content. All in all it's a great album. Definetly one to get ahold of as soon as possible!

Happy Christmas 1998 BEC Records Ok, no this is not a Switchfoot album but they are on it. They wrote a song called "Evergreen" for the album (track number 13) and i thought i should mention it to you all. The song is absolutely worth gettin the c.d. for but the c.d. is a great Christmas c.d. anyway!

Listen Louder 1999 Sparrow Records Ok this is the Listen Louder c.d. and i'm sure you've heard their song on it's called "Spirit". It's totally awesome. Definetly a tear-jerkin-make-you- want-to-get-right-with-God song!