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Basic Facts

Well! here are some basic things you need to know about Switchfoot!

Switchfoot didn't mean to be famous. They just played in colleges, coffee shops, churches, and clubs. But one day their demo fell into Charlie Peacock's hands and BOOM! a star band was born! :)

They orginally weren't called Switchfoot--they were called 'Chin Up', after their friend Willis Chin (pictures of him are in the Legend Of Chin Album). But they decided they wanted to be named something different so they didn't have a song the same as their name.

Switchfoot is a surfer term that is used when a surfer changes their foot position on the board, gaining a new perspective.

Jon wrote Chem 6A and named it after his Chemistry class that he was in at college at the time!

On New Way To Be Human, they guys studied the likes of Saint Augustine, theologian Francis Schaeffer, Danish Philospher Soren Kierkegaard and noted Hebrew Bible scholar Walter Brueggemann.