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Band Biography

What do you get when you cross The Wonders, The Beach Boys, and alternative megastars Bush? A glorified garage band with an undeniable identity crisis? Angst-filled music that is best listened to speeding down the highway in a convertible? No, you get Switchfoot!

The 3-peice band from San Diego,California, made up of 3 preachers kids: Jon Foreman, Tim Foreman (yes they're brothers!), and Chad Butler.

They started out in 2 seperate bands as a matter of fact. Jon and Tim's band lead off for Chad's band. Then those bands split up and they decided to come together and form their own band.

Jon and Tim are brothers, but how did Chad enter the scene? Jon and Chad went to the same school and met on a water polo team. Jon was a freshmen and Chad was a senior. Chad used to beat up on Jon and dunk him all the time so therefore they created a strong bond of friendship.

They started out playing locally at coffee houses and clubs and stuff and then one day they got a message on their answering machine from Charlie Peacock and with in 2 months had recorded the first album.

Switchfoot, as you probably know, is a surfer term that means to change feet on the board giving you a new perspective. They were going to call their band ChinUp after their friend Willis Chin that they met in high school. But they decided they didn't want a song on their cd named after their group. So thus came forth Switchfoot.

Brothers, Jon and Tim Foreman seem to have a telepathic ability to bounce off each other's lead on their guitars and to play off the rhythmic foundation Chad provides.

So all in all, they are great band that plays Christian pop/rock/surfer music, and are dedicated fully to their Savior.