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My Uncle Bill Meisburger (a D-Day vet!) tells his story about Larry!

During World War II I was in L.A. and Hollywood on a very few occasions. I went through basic glider school at Twenty-Nine Palms and a bit later through advanced glider school at Victorville. When I could slip into town I did so.

I also had some relatives there on my father's side, an aunt and uncle, Joe and Mary Waldron, who lived in a modest house in Hollywood, and their son, Porter Waldron, who owned a paint factory in Burbank and made a fortune during the war turning out one coat of paint for the Navy. It was known as "Battleship Gray."

On one of these trips I was in the railroad station (the main one still standing there in L.A.) [Editor's note: Union Station], and while seated waiting for a train, I heard a man and a woman engaged in a dispute immediately behind me. I turned around to behold "Larry"[Fine] and a woman, presumably his wife, and about eight kids. They were arguing about something. But even under those circumstances it was nice to see him.

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