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(Somewhat) Devoted to Will Sasso!

JUNE 27, 2014 - Holy Crap! Would you believe it's been almost 10 YEARS since I updated this page? A whole DECADE, people. I haven't even bothered to upgrade to a better web hosting service. Why? Because 10 years ago, I mistakenly thought I was done with good ol' Will Sasso. After all, what had HE done for ME? He didn't even have his publicist contact me to ask if I'd review one of his crappy movies, like another cutely chubby sitcom star did (name on request!).

So - why NOW, you ask?

Well, in the past 10 years, an awful lot of exciting things have happened to me:

1) I GOT MARRIED! And to a guy who looks more like Moe than Curly. So my innate attraction towards big blond guys kind of withered on the vine.

2) I LOST MY JOB! Actually, I lost TWO jobs - one through downsizing (remember 2009??) and one through quitting (hey, that commute was way too long!!). As a result, not only did I lose those sweet steady paychecks, but I also lost my free high-speed Internet connections.

3) I LOST INTEREST! Yeah, that's probably the main reason. I just grew up, and got older. It happens, guys and gals, it happens to the best of us.

BUT - silver lining! - during that time, something wonderful happened. A magical sitcom premiered in Canada, existed for 6 hilarious seasons, and is now about to produce a movie.

And one of the guest stars is apparently going to be - drum roll please:

you guessed it


Well, at least he visited the set on the first day. Whether or not he actually has a role, I have no idea (yet).

But here's the important thing, the thing that makes me feel like George Costanza when his worlds collded:

I'm one of the Kickstarter backers of "Corner Gas The Movie", and my name will be listed in the credits as "Chrissy the Stooges Woman".

And this movie connects in some wonderful, magical way with the great Will Sasso.

Henceforth, I am updating this site and will post more information as I obtain it.

Meanwhile, Will - if you're reading this - please don't take the stuff I wrote below too seriously. I am still SOMEWHAT devoted to you!

NOVEMBER 17, 2004 - Okay, I don't mean to be rude or anything, but please read this carefully before you send me e-mail, okay? I DO NOT HAVE ANY WILL SASSO VIDEOS, CDS, DVDS, TAPES, MP3S, or any other Sasso stuff. I AM NOT IN PERSONAL CONTACT WITH WILL SASSO (despite my best efforts!). Also, I AM NO LONGER HOPELESSLY DEVOTED to Will Sasso, I just keep this site online because a lot of people complained when I deactivated it. So please don't write to me & ask me for Sasso stuff & info - I don't have it and I don't care! (But I don't want to be rude - so let me add, PLEASE! nyuk nyuk!)

November 7, 2003 - Alert reader and Sasso fan Marsha Radford advises that Will is appearing in episode 906 of MAD TV this weekend (Saturday night, check your local listings) - apparently it's their 200th show or some such thingamajig.

Per Marsha, he'll be doing his Kenny Rogers and Bill Clinton schtick, so I may actually stay awake for that, nyuk nyuk!

Thanks, Marsha! (And Will, I'm still waiting for that hot passionate e-mail from you ... )

September 29, 2003 - Sasso fan Kevin Duran informs me that Mr. Sasso is currently appearing on a new ABC TV series called Less than Perfect -- I personally haven't watched it yet but will give it a look and let you know what I think! Meantime, here's the official cast photo for your viewing pleasure:

September 24, 2003 - Well, I was just gonna let this page die a natural death, but the other day I received a nice e-mail from a lady named Kelli, who says that Will loves to look at his fan pages online, but just doesn't have time in his busy schedule to return fan mail. I'm still a little skeptical, basically because - what is he busy at? I haven't seen any indication of any upcoming projects. However, I'm willing to keep an open mind, so if Will or any of his buds want to contact me (at ) & let me know of any TV shows, movies, dinner theater, or whatever that he's going to be appearing in, I'll post the news here. I'd hate to disappoint all you nice folks out there who still love the guy!

October 8, 2002 - As most of you loyal S.W. fans know, for quite some time now the Stooges Woman has maintained a site in tribute to formerly portly comedian Will Sasso, formerly of Mad TV.

Iíve left the site up but there are two reasons -- no, three -- why it WONíT be updated anytime soon:

1. He ainít on Mad TV anymore.
2. He never answered my fan mail.
3. He doesnít look like Curly anymore, which, frankly, was his main attraction as far as I was concerned.

So to all you Will Sasso fans out there, sorry, but itís time to get on with our lives! There are PLENTY of gorgeous Curly-esque guys out there who ain't losin' weight any time soon - let's get 'em, ladies!!!

Meantime - feel free to keep reading - I'll still leave the Sasso stuff up here, though one of these days I may change it to a "Dan Blocker" worship site, nyuk nyuk!

This page is totally devoted to the one and only Will Sasso of Fox's MAD TV! Why? Well ...