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Hopelessly Devoted to Kevin James!

January 5, 2009 - Whuh? (rubs eyes in disbelief) Huh? (taps mike) Is this thing still on? Wow, friends & neighbors, I had no idea anyone was still reading this little piece of fluff I concocted wayyyy back in the mists of time. However, an enterprising and quite insistent young fella named Erik Eybsen over at Fandango got down on bended knees (via email) asking yours truly to post a link to this trailer for Kevin James' new movie, Paul Blart: Mall Cop.

Now not only have I not seen this movie myself yet, but I haven't updated this website in - what? five years now. Five years ... man, oh man! The water that's flowed under THAT bridge!

For example: Kevin, if you're reading this yourself, I should probably break it to you that I'm no longer in love with you, having married a wonderful guy a couple of years ago. Sorry!!! (Hang in there - that broken heart will heal, someday!)

I also lost a TON of weight (well, 35 pounds, so far!), which you can read about at my new blog, The Curvy Catholic, if you have any time to spare in between lavish Hollywood movie premieres and parties. (Believe me, I know how that is, having lived in North Hollywood for ten years or so. Nyuk nyuk!)

Anyway, the gist of this long-winded post is, I've broken my own self-imposed rule about the many websites I've left scattered and abandoned along the breakdown lanes of the Internet superhighway, and decided NOT to let this particular sleeping website lie.

So even though I personally am no longer "Hopelessly Devoted to Kevin James!", I'm happy to hear that at least one other soul out there is. Erik Eybsen, this post's for you!

November 4, 2004- Thanks to intrepid Kevin James fan KELLY for forwarding me this great Kevin James link - it's his national Cable TV Schedule - lets you know when and where Kevin will be on TV! Danke schoen,Kelly!

September 13, 2004 - Hey, Kevin James fans - guess what? I'm one too! And I was kinda p-o'd when I went looking on Google for a Kevin James fan site, and found - none! Well, okay, there's one in German but c'mon, I took two years of German in college and still couldn't spreche more than a few syllables of Deutsche even if my life depended on it. (Thank goodness we're at war with Iraq and not Germany, today anyway!)

Anyway - I really love "The King of Queens"! And since the lovely and talented Leah Remini has HER very own fan site, why shouldn't Kevin James, the star of the show, have one too?

Granted, this one probably won't be as nice as hers because I'm not all that great at web site creation. Still, I can put up some nice photos and links, at least.

Heck - if I could do it for Will Sasso, I can do it for Kevin James!


-- CBS' official King of Queens page Kevin's Mini-biography from the Internet Movie Database
-- Leah Remini's fan site - which is so good it almost kept me from creating this one, and almost made me slink off into corner to sulk. Almost.
I love Jerry Stiller almost as much as I love Kevin James - actually, JUST as much! Well, actually, MORE - mainly because I loved him on "Seinfeld" and now he's on "King" and he's just so FUNNY! But - there's already a great Jerry Stiller fan sitesite! So forget what I just wrote.)
Wow! Season One is available on DVD!
And so is Season Two, which includes my FAVORITE episode (so far), "Flower Power" - the last scene between Doug and Carrie is just amazing!

Okay, that's it for now! Let me know what you think! This is just the basic place-holder site right now, but over the next few days I'll add some more links and photos. Suggestions and comments are welcome!


Retoin to the Stooges page, nyuck nyuck!