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DECEMBER 12, 2011 - Holy Crap! I just watched the trailer for this new Stooges movie by the Farrelly Brothers and realized - it's WAYYYY past time to update this page! If only I had some website development knowledge from the current century, nyuk nyuk!

Anyway, let me know what you think! Someday I'll sit down and redo this page from top to bottom, but meanwhile, go see the movie!

MAY 21, 2010 - Hey, everyone, it's time for my once-a-year LOCAL SERVICES RECOMMENDATION!

For all you Stooge lovin' women who live in the Los Angeles/San Fernando Valley area, check out Schuelke Plumbing - the twins themselves came out to my house and fixed an emergency plumbing problem, which the Stooges Woman isn't gonna describe here as it's just way too embarrassing to contemplate.

Okay, okay - I was doing my Shovelglove workout, without the sweater, and I broke a pipe. Satisfied? Thank you.

Anyway - give 'em a call! They did a great job, very fast, and I love love love my new copper fixtures! Tell 'em Chrissy the Stooges Woman sent ya! Check this page regularly for breaking Stooges info!

(Hey, wise guy! Wanna catch up on all the Stoogely news from days gone by? Well, here's your chance, knucklehead! Read previous Breaking News reports here)!

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