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Women Who Run With The Stooges!

It's just one of those things everybody's read somewhere - so it must be true:

"Women just don't like the Three Stooges - it's unnatural!"

Well, as the legendary Sojourner Truth stated (on a slightly different subject), "Ain't I a woman??" Hold on, let me check:

Yup, looks like it!

And like my sisters everywhere, I just can't resist:

the smoldering, dark sensuality of Moe;

the impetuous, devil-may-care, frizzy-haired wonder, Larry;

and don't even get me started on (sigh)

the deceptively childlike Curley!

So no more hiding, ladies!

Let's break out of our self-imposed anti-Stooge prison!

Join hands and sing it out loud:

"I'm a knucklehead ... and I'm PROUD!"

(Well, soitanly -- nyuck, nyuck!)

Hey, fellow knuckleheads - before you run off,

check out the Stooges Woman's guestbook!

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(Or if you just want that special "one on one" touch, feel free to drop a letter in my mailbox (especially if you're a cute Curley lookalike, nyuk nyuk!)

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Pop Quiz, hotshot - did you know that only ONE Stooge put the word "Stooge" on his gravestone? Check the links below to find out which knucklehead it was!

Moe - b. 06/19/1897, d. 05/04/1975
Larry - b. 10/05/1902, d. 01/24/1975
Curly - b. 10/22/1903, d. 01/18/1952
Shemp - b. 03/17/1895, d. 11/23/1955
Curly Joe - b. 07/12/1909, d. 07/03/1993
Joe Besser - b. 08/12/1907, d. 03/01/1988

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