To the Unknown Adjunct

This website is dedicated to an open discussion of matters affecting Adjunct instructors at Santa Rosa Junior College free from fear and intimidation.

"Underclass status in America has morphed into new clothing. Slap the label of part-timer on me, and I'm a second-class citizen once again."

A black man in America makes 75 for every dollar a white male makes, a woman makes 78, but an Adjunct at SRJC makes 70 (47 when benefits are factored in)

Equal Pay for Equal Work Now!!!

Thank you for visiting this online site of news and information for Adjuncts by Adjuncts at Santa Rosa Junior College, Santa Rosa Ca. This site was created by Adjunct instructors at SRJC. It has no official endorsement from the College itself and is beholden to absolutely no one for its content. The editors actively encourage articles, letters and comments from within the SRJC community.
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