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You were a passenger on the Starshuttle Asimov, on your way to a research program on Altair Five. However, an engine failure forced the crew to attempt an emergency landing on an Earthlike planet orbitting Bernard's Star. The landing failed as well, and you are the only survivor of the crash. Before the crash, the pilot had anounced that there was an ansible transmitter station on top of the continent's highest mountain. From there, the crew had intended to send an SOS.

You can see the mountain from the crash site, and can barely make out the tiny flashing light at the top, but it appears to be many kilometers away. To be rescued from this planet which is otherwise uninhabited--at least by humans--you will have to travel there yourself. Amazingly, you are not seriously injured aside from a broken bone in your left hand, although you do have lots of bruises. Nonetheless, it appears that you have a long walk ahead of you. You can start out now, and travel as far as you can before you grow too tired, or you can rest nearby for the night and attempt to travel the entire distance in the morning.

If you start walking toward the station now, click the button that reads FIRST CHOICE in the frame above.
If you rest for the night first, click the SECOND CHOICE button in the frame above.

Unfortunately, if you hit the BACK button in your browser to return to a previous part of the story, the CHOICE buttons will not function properly. However, you may start the story over by hitting your RELOAD button.

To give credit where credit is due, this game was inspired by the Choose-Your-Own-Adventure stories published by Skylark Books.

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