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Yenchae Saga
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Instead of a Description I think this should suffice! Thank you Claire for this wonderful peice of art! Behold! the marvelous Yenchae!

Intro: Yenchae was born in Aerth village, located in the middle of the Yanol continent, Aerth subsides in a peaceful grassy knoll. Around Aerth is Charon forest and Yukai river. Yenchae's parents died when he was 4 so Yenchae doesn't remember them. Yenchae knows that he isn't normal, his classification is unknown. He has the appearance of a human, however has a tail, which is his most noticeable feature. After his parents death a lone yenchae master found Yenchae in Charon forest, by himself, surprised to find out Yenchae's name, he decided to train Yenchae as his apprentice. After many years of constant and vigorous training Yenchae had learned all he could from his master. Yenchae now had become the master himself. Yenchae's thirst for power has not subsided, he mysteriously thirsts for more. Yenchae is now 17 years old, he basically travels around doing mercenary work as a means of survival.