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Yenchae's Shrine
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One of my idols, Crono

Yenchae: Welcome to my personal section, in which I will reveal things about me, call it an introduction if you will.

Personal Info.

Name: Brian

Age: 19 B-Day: Dec.19, 84 Location: California Height: 6'1 Weight: 190 Eye color: Brown Hair color: Brown Skin color: Light/Tan Nationality: Cuban,American Fav. RPG of all time: Final Fantasy VII Fav. Anime: Love Hina/Love Hina Again Fav. Artist: Claire Stabile (awesome drawings) Fav. color: Red Fav. J-pop Singer: Ayumi Hamasaki Fav. Culture: Japanese Best Male Friend: Nick Best Female Friend: Claire Animals: 1 Cat (Francis), 1 dog (Fluffy), and 1 Turtle (Snoop) hes currently dug himself somewhere in the backyard. Music: RPG,rock,pop,j-pop,trance,jungle,techno Hobbies: Playing RPG's,Internet,Movies,Inventing things, dreaming of my Yenchaess Martial Status: I've got the Greatest Yenchaess EVER!=) Nicknames: Yenchae, Chrono, Silver, Bri-Bri, Sky-Baby, Puppy, Dogyy, Oso, Mr. Pecksta, Sky-pup <--(aww), Yenchae-kun, Pecksta-Oso Siblings: 1 older brother, 1 younger brother, no sister =(