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Yenchae's Shrine
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I think this section is pretty self-explanatory. I shall now attempt to use mortal words to describe how much I love my unless you want to read alot of mushy stuff I suggest you hit the back button right now. Here I go...
I just had to put this back in...describes so much =)

You care about me... You love me for who I am, and have no desire to change me... You always make me smile... You take me to a world where I feel no pain, no misery, only happiness... When I'm in a bad mood or feeling down, you always make me feel better... Only with you do I ever feel truly happy... You stick with me through the good and bad times... You totally changed my life for the better... You opened my eyes and widened my horizions... You showed me that true love does exist... Your grand visage envigorates me to do my best everyday... You've brought immesurable happiness into my life... When I fall your always willing to help me back up... The feeling that you've created in my heart is genuine... You truly are amazing... I could be anywhere, doing anything and the mere thought of you makes me exstaticaly happy... At the end of the day, before I go to bed, I have this huge smile across my face knowing that theres this amazing, spectacular, great, woman out there that loves me as much as I love her... Your embedded in my heart, forever...
My love, the time we have spent together has been the best time in my life, never before have I ever been this happy. Before you came along I was just a broken machine, idly living life in a silent sea of sadness. I didn't believe in love nor did I believe that everyone has "somebody" out there waiting for them, everytime someone told me that I'd laugh and assure the person telling me, that stuff like that never happens to a person like me. Boy, am I hitting myself for ever thinking that. Now, ever since you've entered my life, I've been really happy, nothing seems to be that big of a deal, I handle problems much smoother and quicker than before, No problem is too big for me, I smile ALL the time, everyday I wake up with motivation to move on, things just seem to get better and better, I have another person to confide in other than myself, my life has just been amazingly great, everyday is a GREAT day!. As each day passes my love for you grows and grows. Even though we dont get to see each other that often and everytime we are together it just isn't enough, just knowing your there and that we will be together again at some point makes me smile and brigtens my day. My love for you will never die. I love you with all my heart and I always will. I hope our love continues to flourish for all of eternity. Always remember that in this life I'm here loving you with all my heart and that if you ever need help or anything i'll be there for you. I love valentine =)