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Yenchae's Friends
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I'd like to thank all those who have been by me and have supported me through out my life...I give special thanks to those who have never betrayed me and helped me through all my endeavors I love you all dearly.
Nick: You've always been there for me for as long as I've known you even in the darkest parts of my existance you were there to comfort me. You've helped me more than you could ever imagine. You keep me sane, amongst many other things! You're always happy to see me and always make me laugh. I always have a great time whenever we go out places or whenever we hang out. I hope we stay friends forever. love you bro
Claire: I've only known you for about 6 months, but somehow you've been able to penetrate all of my walls and were able to get to the core. I dont know why....but I let you...I let you in something i havent done ever long i cant remember...youre a very special person who could make this old yenchae truly smile. I care about you very much and hope we stay friends for along time as well. I love you too!
Chris(tine): Hey, I haven't known you for very long but, I've gotten used to talking to you in fact I look forward to it everyday. Heh, the truth is when I get on after achool I'm looking forward to three people or atleast hoping they're on...Nick, Claire, and now you. I enjoy talking with you. This old Yenchae trusts you...and believe me thats probably one of the most greatest compliments I can give....and I shall continue to until you give me any other reason not to...but honestly I dont see that happening =). I'm glad I met you! (although alot has changed between us...I want to keep this the way it is...because this is how I truly felt at the time...I love you!)
Mish: What can I say about you? I know alot of things! It's true...that before I was enlightened by my love we both had the same problems and feelings...So out of everyone I know...You can sympathize with me the most..and I vice versa with you (or atleast I think heheh). Your a great friend...truth is I'm honored to be your friend! even LUCKIER to be your brother-in-law and I'm loving every minute of it. Your art is great and the pictures you've made, I must admit, have brought me to tears. You're a great person to talk to and always make me laugh and smile. Recently I've developed this kind of trust toward you where I can tell you anything..and I know you'd keep it secret...not many people in this world do I develop these feeling for..heh man I better watch out with you that makes 4 people I trust with my life..hmmm..heheh nah I trust all of you completely! You are great! love ya!