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DBZ GT:Final Bout

Extra Fighters At the title screen, press >, <, Down, Up, >, <, Down, Up. There will be a confirmation sound, and new characters will appear on the Character Select screen. Play as SS Gokuo Press Triangle (5X), Square (9X) until you hear a chime. Play As Super Sayanjin 4 Son Gokuo Enter the extra fighters code at the title screen and press Triangle (10x), Square (9x). Wire Frame When selecting a character, press and hold Select. Alternate Costumes Press Square, then X, then Circle while selecting characters. Self-Destruct While playing Super Vegeta or Majinn Boo, press forward, backward, down, up and the fireball button. It does massive damage to your enemy, but takes away almost all of your KI power. Play as Super Bebi In the character select screen, press Select, Square. Play as Gogeta, To get Gogeta, put the game on hard, aand beat it 20 times. Gogeta will become playable. Play as Gotenks To get Gotenks, beat the game 9 times on hard difficulty. Then select either Trunks, Super Trunks, or Super Saiyin Trunks. Then press square 5 times and triangle 9 times and Trunks will turn into Gotenks. Use Goku's Spirit Bomb While playing regular Goku, press Right, Left, Down, Up and Triangle. Use the Power Struggle When your opponent does the fireball attack, press Triangle, Circle, and Square fast. You will do the fireball too. While doing fireball, press square a lot of times and you will overpower your opponent's beam. But if you don't do it fast enough, your opponent's beam will overpower yours.