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Army Men Sarge's Heroes

Enter the following codes as passwords in order to activate the corresponding cheats: Passwords<----->Result NSRLS :all weapons MMLVSRM :maximum ammo THDTST :test information DRVLLVSMM :Mini mode TNSLDRS :play as Tin Soldier GRNGRLRX :play as Vikki PLSTRLVSVG : play as Plastro The following passwords will activate the corresponding game level Password<----->Level LNLGRMM : Attack TRGHTR : Spy Blue TDBWL : Bathroom MSTRMN : Riff Mission TLLTRS : Forest SCRDCT : Hoover Mission STPDMN : Thick Mission BLZZRD : Snow Mission SRFPNK : Shrap Mission GNRLMN : Fort Plastro HTTTRT : Scorch Mission ZBTSRL : Showdown HTKTTN : Sandbox PTSPNS : Kitchen HXMSTR : Living Room VRCLN : The Way Home Reverse weapon selection: While playing a game, hold Z and press B to cycle through weapons in reverse order.