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Skills and Magic

Skills and Magic List

Element Magic List

To learn the more higher level'd magic you must learn all of the lower level magics (for example if you want to start learning Fire 2 you must learn fire,ice,and lightning,aero,water,quake to learn fire 3,ice 3,or lightning 3,aero 3,water 3,quake 3 you must have already learned fire 2,ice 2,and lightning 2,aero 2,water 2,quake 2 and so forth and so forth (REMEMBER:IT TAKES 3 DAYS 1 RP A DAY TO LEARN A MAGIC OR MOVE)

(Lvl.1) Fire(x5),Ice(x5),Lightning(x5),Aero(x5),Water(x5),Quake(x5) (Lvl.2) Fire 2(x8),Ice 2(x8),Lightning 2(x8),Aero 2 (x8),Water 2(x8),Quake 2(x8) (Lvl.3)Fire 3(x12),Ice 3(x12),Lightning 3(x12),Aero 3(x12)Water 3(x12),Quake 3(x12) (Lvl.4)Fira(x15),Blizara(x15),Thundara(x15),Aeira(x15),Watira(x15),Quakira(x15) (Lvl.5)Firaga(x20),Blizaga(x20),Thundaga(x20),Aeraga(x20),Wataga(x20),Quakaga(x20) (Lvl.6)Fire Ult.(x30),Ice Ult.(x30),Lightning Ult.(x30),Aera Ult.(x30),Water Ult.(x30),Quake Ult.(x30) (Lvl.7)Ifrit(x50),Shiva(x50),Ramuh(x50),Pandemona(x50),Leviathan(x50),Titan(x50)

Skills List

1)Power Up:For the next 2 turns ALL your moves/magic x number will be increased by 5 2)Defense Up:Reduces damage inflicted by half for the next 2 turns 3)Blind:For the next two turns your opponent instead of getting 3 dices rolled only gets 2 4)Silence:For the next 2 turns your opponent cannot use any magic(if you silence an opponent to make it fair if your opponent also knows silence,he/she can silence you as well) 5)Reflect:for the next 2 turns IF your opponent uses any sort of magic it is reflected back at him inflicting a quarter of the damage that was suppossed to be inflicted on you 6)Haste:When casted next turn you get to perform 2 actions which will be recorded at the same time 7)Slow:When casted your opponent "losses a turn"