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Profiles Page 2

Name:Ultimate Warrior Age: 18 Gender: Male Element: Water Weapon: Double-Edged Axe Signature Move Name:Triple Water Axe Attack Signature Move Description: Strike twice and then a power attack Character Description:he wears all black armor, has a blue axe that he carries on his back along with a shield. the has a red dragon on his armor, and his coat of arms has a red dragon shooting flames at meeger villagers. he has dard red hair, and all you can see from the helmet is his red eyes that seem to look right through you. and he has two horns comming out of his helmet. his catchphrase is "Damn, you suck!" Weapons Name:Axe of Death

For now these are all the character profiles that have joined the game if you want me to make any corrections just email me giving me the the corrections and i will correct it for you enjoy the game!