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Character Profiles

Character Profiles

Name:Draconis Age: 17 Gender: Male Element: Fire Weapon: Wide-Edged Fire Sword Signature Move Name:Ultimate Slash Signature Move Description: The sword is pointed at the opponent and spiritual energy is drawn into the sword a beam is shot from the sword toward the opponent followed by a final slash that turns the enemy on fire Character Description:Has blue hair,blue eyes he wears a red bandana with the symbol of fire on it,wears a blue shirt and black pants with a dark grey hoodless and sleveless cloak that covers his back side only Weapons Name:Ultima
Name:Iornstrike Age:18 GenderMale Element:Fire Weapon:Promised Sword Signature Move Name:Lunar Eclipse Signature Move Description:Random slash attacks to all enemys,then the sword is waved in front of moon followed by a flash of darkness which deals damage, and status effects(occasionally)unfortunately it can only deal damage or the status affect never both at the same time Character Description:Born in the promised land walks around in a black and yellow mixed jedi robe only visible spot is his yellow and red eyes the robe is only removed during battle in which a bald,muscular man is revealed(Prefers magic over phsyical attacks and has high agility) Weapons Name:Quickfix
Name:Rancilus Age:22 Gender:Male Element:Fire Weapon:Fire Staff Signature Move Name:Sun Sphere's Signature Move Description:Gathers flame and heat from anything hot around including the sun into many little balls which he fires rapidly at his opponent Character Description:Where's a large black cloak which covers the whole body. Wheres white gloves and black shoes which seem to be made of leather or suade. His hood usually shades his face so you can't see it unless the hood is removed Weapons Name:Hell's Staff
Name:Kevin Age:14 Gender:Male Element:Lightning Weapon:Thunder Claws Signature Move Name:Spiritual Thunder Signature Move Description:The claws go into the opponents stomach sending electricity through the opponents entire body making the opponent get electrocuted Character Description:He has brown eyes,with yellow spikey hair,he weighs 168 pounds,he has a tattoo of the thunder symbol on his right arm,he wears blue pants and a white T-shirt which outlines his muscles Weapons Name:Ramus
Name:Tupo Age:Unknown Gender:Male Element:Fire Weapon:Beam Sythe Signature Move Name:Darkness Cross Signature Move Description:Uses the sythe to make an air cross first slashing from top to bottom then from left to right making the cross,the cross turns black and then is shot toward the opponent damaging him and maybe giving the opponent a status effect Character Description:i have long red hair,with blue eyes,i have red (bloodstained armor),some black pants,and a black trench coat,hiding my sythe in the back Weapon Name:Hippy Killer
Name:Grey Age:37 Gender:Male Element:Wind Weapon:Legendary Sword Signature Move Name:Air Blade Signature Move Description:Calls upon wind which surrounds him in a tornado like form.Then using different sword techniques and slashes he fires air blades at foe. Character Description:A mysterious ninja from the north. All that's known about him is his name and that's not even his real name it was given to him by a bar owner who gives him a room and a drink whenever he likes. He gave him the name because of his clothes.He wears a Dark grey over shirt,Light grey undershirt,Long grey cape,Black gloves,Black belt,Grey knee high pants,Black ninja shoes with grey tape rapped up to knees,He has grey hair which goes to his ass,Wears a black ninja face mask,Has dark grey shiny eyes,He wears is sword behind him on his back,Also has a battle scar down his right eye Weapons Name:Ragnarok
Name:Dark Age:20 Gender:Male Element:Water Weapon:Sword Signature Move Name:Water Cut Signature Move Description:jumps up calls water and shoots and cuts opponents severly Character Description:dark hair,black eyes,wears a blue T-shirt and black pants,carring around a black sword with a black encrested jewel
Name:Condor Age:19 Gender:Male Element:Wind Weapon:Double-Edged Sword Signature Move Name:Reis's Wind Signature Move Description:lunges at the opponent pulls back his sword, as if ready to swing, turns his back uses magic to create an up draft carrying opponent, jumps up towards opponent, slashes sword up, down to the left, rises, down to the right and lands back on the ground. Character Description:5'9" 185 lbs buff, broad shoulders Weapons Name:Hardedge

Name:Arch Angel Age: 18 Gender: Male Element: Fire Weapon: Sword Signature Move Name:Sword Of Fate Signature Move Description: Gathers fire energy into the sword and slices enemies Character Description:Brown/blond long hair,blue eyes,5'11(he has no wings) Weapons Name:Romulus

Name:Ryo Age: 14 Gender: Male Element: Fire Weapon: Double-Edged Sword Signature Move Name:Blazing Inferno Signature Move Description: slices diangle downward and slices diagonal,upward,and then slices upward Character Description:Black Hair,with Blue Strips and Blue eyes and baggy grey pants with a black muscle shirt Weapons Name:Soul Blaze Sword

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