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Joining Info.

Do you want to become a dogyy(male)or kittyy(female)? Well you can by filling out this application which you will have to copy and paste onto the email and send to me if you dont know how to copy this is how highlight what your going to copy then press CTRL + C then put the cursor where your going to paste and press CTRL + V and tada! your done ok so fill out and send to me I will then consult with the other dogyys and I will reply with a answer ASAP the email application is at the bottom of this page


First Name:
Date Of Birth:
Dogyy Screen Name(male):
Kittyy Screen Name(female):
E-mail address:

Terms Of Agreement

1)Respect all dogyys/kittyys
2)You MUST create a screen name with it ending in dogyy(if male)or kittyy(if female)Example:skyDOGYY,queenKITTYY
3)Do not disgrace or bring any shame upon the dogyys/kittyys
4)Defend the dogyy/kittyy honor
5)Have fun!!!
If you agree to these terms than send me the application!