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Upcoming Games

This section of my site is to inform you of upcoming games! from all companies like squaresoft,THQ,and other game companies so come by often and ill post up new games from time to time so check back k enjoy!

Chrono Cross

First lets start off with Chrono Cross not much is known about this game its suppossed to be released sometime in august of 2000 other than that not much is known all I can say is that the music ive heard from this game is super tight!if your a RPG'er then this game is a MUST get!

Final Fantasy IX

Final Fantasy IX is going to be based like older FF games you know like wizards and fighters sort of like FFI so this game is going to be based on old time antics this much I know and the characters are going to be smaller than recent FF games

Final Fantasy X

Not much is known about this game all I can really say is that this will be the first FF game on PSX2 and it will have some internet properties,some multiplayer internet stuff

Final Fantasy XI

Now this game I can barely tell you anything all that is known on this game is that it will have a lot of involvement with the multiplayer capabilities on the internet thats all ANYBODY knows