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Basic Rules

1)You must RP atleast 2 times a week (RP meaning training in the Message boards) 2)Limited use of profanity a little is ok but if u go overboard i will permanently ban you from the site 3)No jocking other characters in the game be UNIQUE 4)After battling you must go to a city to rest,because HP will not be restored after battles be careful!

RP/Move Rules

1)magic,skills,you can only use your magic and skills once per RP and NO MORE YOU WILL BE PENALIZED FOR USING IT MORE THAN ONCE
2)You can only RP 3 times a day
3)levels:everytime you RP ill grade it and give u a certain amount of EXP. or experience points and when you reach 1000 EXP. you will gain a level your X number will go up in physical attacks and so will your HP (hit points)
4)Learning skills and magic:it takes 3 days (1 RP a day)saying how you learned the skill or magic
5)Traveling:it takes 1 day (1 RP) to get from place to place in the same continent,and it takes 2 days (1 RP a day)to cross to another continent
6)Battling:You may battle other characters but you must be at the same point on the map to fight the person and you must say you are battling the person in the message boards now heres how the battles will take place in the message board you will write the action you are performing and the X number of the skill or magic (i will be monitoring all battles) and i will calculate the damage and post in the same thread i will post up both players HP after every turn)then the opposing character will put in his action it will be turn-based to make it fair i have devised a way to calculate damage so even the weaker character can win next to every magic,skill i will put X a number (for example x5,x8)i will then roll 3 dices (for example lets say the moves X number is 7 and I roll the 3 dices a 7,3,and 5 are rolled out then 7+3+5=15 15 times the X number of your move will be the damage dealt)get it? if not email me and i will explain it more thuroughly and by the way you can only use your specific magic and skills 1 time per battle for winning a battle against other characters i will reward you with 250 EXP.
7)Monitors: when the RPG grows to a certain amount of players i will assign monitors they will be almost like me they will grade RP's and enforce the rules (dont worry i will calculate all battles so no one can have advantage over anyone else)the monitors will have the power to ban so please listen and follow their directions(DONT ASK ME TO BECOME A MONITOR I WILL ASSIGN THEM MYSELF)
8)RP'n:In the RP's you must descriptivly say what you do and what you battle,a RP is basically a short essay trust me after awhile you get hooked, you RP in the message board which will be titled "RPG center" dont worry about your HP in the RP's your HP only comes into affect when you are in battles against other characters in the game use your imagination and make a great RP the greater the RP the more EXP. i will give you, you can use your magic and skills in each RP only once including your signature move,also you cannot inter-twine topics in RP's for example "Training" and "Learning" cannot be in the same RP,also "Traveling" and "Resting" cannot be in the same RP, and please in your first RP say what continent your on and where you start also i advise all players to read other players RP's so you know where they are at and what they're doing
9)Death:If you lose a battle on Gaia you die and will go automatically to the "promised land" which is located on the Element continent,(you cannot battle in the promised land so dont even try it)you must stay in the promised land for 2 days (you can RP and gain EXP.while in the promised land)and afterwards may leave and resume to go wherever you want (NOTE: you cannot enter the promised land only if you die),the same rules apply for Terra instead of the promised land you go to "The Shimmering Islands"
10)Alliances:I will permit alliances but alliances can only consist of a max of 4 people no more
11)Creatures:I myself will be making specific creatures and placing them in certain places on the map you can go and try to defeat these creatures if you win you will be rewarded 500 EXP.,if you lose you will not die you will only be pushed back to the nearest city/place remember you can only fight the creature once if you lose you cannot go fight the creature again,however if you want you can go fight other creatures that i have placed on the map,BUT the creatures stats WILL NOT be posted so go fight them at your own risk,if two characters are going after the same creature the character that RP's first gets to fight him REMEMBER THIS

For now these are the rules please follow them to make the game a pleasent enviornment for everyone thank you and have fun! -Chrono