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Skydogyys FF7 RPG Honor list TEST

This section of my site is to see if you got what it takes to be in my FF7 RPG Honor list for me to add you in you must correctly answer ALL of these questions and E-mail them to me(my e-mail adress is at the bottom)Its a fairly easy test for a TRUE RPG player
1)Where do you get Clouds Level 4 limit break?

A)Final Dungeon B)Gold Saucer C)Midgar D)Junon
2)Whats the highest you can bring your attack up to? A)999 B)100 C)365 D)255
3)Where do you find the enemy skill "Angel Whisper"? A)Underwater Reactor B)Final Dungeon C)Gold Saucer D)Gelnika
4)Who is Sephiroths REAL mother? A)Lucrecia B)Sheila C)Jenova D)Priscilla
5)Where do you find Vincents CR SuperShot? A)Ancient Forest B)Nibel MTS. C)Final Dungeon D)Rocket Town
6)Which WEAPON is big and green? A)Ruby B)Emerald C)Ultimate
7)Where do you fight Prod Cloud? A)Junon B)Gelnika C)Midgar D)Underwater Reactor
8)How many Sephiroths must you fight at the end? A)2 B)1 C)3 D)4
9)How many nuts must you feed the mog in the game to make it fly? A)3 B)4 C)5 D)7
10)What is Barrets Level 4 Limit Break? A)Catastrophe B)Highwind C)Great Gospel D)Slots
Email: Skydogyy@aol.com