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<bgsound src=Staffrol.mid> All about Skydogyy


What I am

First of all im a Dogyy ok and no not a DoGGy but a DogYY kind of Dogyy the Dogyys are kool and everything and no were not gangsters or gang related we are just a bunch of friends that hang out and have fun with,also please refrain from insulting us cuz after all we are very emotional thank you

Personal Info.

Name :Brian Age :15 Height :6'0 Weight :185.....yea i know Nationality :Cuban/American Dogyy :Skydogyy Talents :singing,?????? (Hehe im mysterious) Hobbies :Running,basketball,soccer,football Pic :yes I have one just ask me ill send it to ya In love :No......but hopefully Julia will come to me Siblings :1 older 19yr old,1 younger 13yr old Friends :oh god to many to post but ill say my special friends:Violeta,Shawn,Melvin,Cathy,Nick,Kristina,Bethany I lov ya all =) DOB :12/19/84 (please send presents) Personality :Funny,Harmless,Happy-Go-Lucky,serious at some times,GREAT listener,Talkative,krazy,oh and a I make a great punching bag!(ask anyone i know)