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Dogyy Introductions

This Part of my site is to introduce and talk about my fellow dogyy's which I all know very well i've known these guys for like 3 years I am not included here I have my own section Enjoy!


Now Nick is a funny ass guy he always seems to find someway to make me laugh and not only that he knows alot of crap about things that ppl want to know so hes also a rescource man hes real kool as well hes really dope and im glad hes a dogyy! Nicks quote: "Beh!!!!"


Greg is a little krazy EVIL kid haha hes really kool hes somewhat funny and pretty dependable if you ask him to help you out chances are hes gonna do it ESPICALLY in fighting he loves it,unfortunately Gregs flaw is that hes non-talkable alot of the times other than that hes KOOL! Gregs Quote: "Leave me alone"


Sio is a very very funny guy I mean the way he makes fun of a certain person to whom shall be remained unknown (Enrique)is just fun as hell now this big guy you CANT mess with he has no patience you mess with him and you got a foot up your azz and he knows how to fight too so its really dope! (Enrique with his gnomeish Co*k!)LOL! Sios Quotes: "Thats pretty gay","Go suck on yo mamas nipple","anywho","Dont me me take off my earrings!","Man,Thats messed up"


Ok josh is the kraziest,funniest guy ive ever known me and him have had great,funny times I mean the guys a powerhouse of laughter he could make a guy witha lump in his azz laugh its preety remarkable,he has a gift he really does noone has ever made me laugh as much as he does! Joshs Quote: "You must die! You must die! Everybody must die!! (teet) ::BOOM!!!::"


I dont know much about this guy all I know is that hes Nicks dope azz drum teacher and I met him once he is actually a pretty kool guy! Quote: NONE


Eric is a OK guy he can be a little biznitch at sometimes but its all good hes like my height from what ive heard from unknown sources is that hes a gentle giant unfortunately I dont like that and im pretty sure none of the other guys do either but we'll try to change him! Erics Quote: "Timber!!!!!"


Now Enrique is one of the few people that has known me ever since 4th grade hes a very funny person and a good pranker I can honestly say that enrique is the best person at opening backpacks without being detected,also he is a little sneaky guy that can get around easily hes is VERY stealthy if you ever need something done quick and secretive hed probably be the best man for the job Enriques Quotes:"Its funny cuz its true","You suck gargantuan,mastadonic,mammoth,dinosauric,larger than life,super-sized,over grown,gigantic,humongus,godzillian,mountainian,oh my god its coming right for us C**k"