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Here is a collection of photos of the Phantom Zone Villains in action. I have a page on each of the villains: GENERAL ZOD, URSA, and NON and the actors that played them: Terence Stamp, Sarah Douglas, and Jack O'Halloran. I have an interview and links with each of the actors. I also have 2 pages of photos on each of the characters. There is a link on each page to go to next character. Enjoy The Phantom Zone Gallery.

December 14, 2007:

Breaking News:

I am very interested in hearing from Superman fans. I would like to know when you became interested, whether it was the comic books or comic strips, radio, TV or films that drew you in, and what form your interest takes today. I am interested in what Superman means to you -- from role model to fantasy escape to just a great story. I also am interested in anything else you are willing to share about your passion for the Man of Steel.

If you are willing to share your story, please email me at Great if you can say if you comfortable with my possibly quoting you. Also, please tell me how old you are, where you live, and what you do work-wise.

Thanks very much.
Larry Tye

NOW in stores!:

First Official Ursa Action Figure

First Official Ursa Action figure!

General Zod Action Figure!

DC Direct is releasing action figures based on the Superman Action Comic line from Richard Donners comic book. Richard Donner has brought back the 3 phantom zone villains from Superman 2. They are also releasing a figures on Zod. no word on Non as of yet. A special thanks to the for this news. A special thanks to DC comics for releasing figures based on the comic book line.


I have added a separate page for all of the Superman related links:



Here are the links for for The Phantom Zone Story and Ursa's Revenge (short story).

The Story Of The Phantom Zone Villains Part: 1

Ursa's Revenge

I have updated the link for the Superman 2: International cut pictures.

I have updated Terence Stamp's first page with the film highlights from the Superman 2 DVD.

I have updated the Phantom Zone Gallery with screenshots from Superman: The Movie DVD. The first page of each character has been updated. Enjoy!

I have made a new section for the Phantom Zone Villains. Some behind the scenes screenshots from the making of Superman: The Movie and Superman 2. The screenshots are from the 3 new documentaries that are on the Superman DVD. A message from Jack about the screenshots: They bring back a lot of memories actually good ones...........Jack

Click on the picture to see the behind the scenes with The Phantom Zone Villains.

I have updated The Phantom Zone Villains Gallery with a link to Jack O'Halloran Site.

Click on the pictures to read about The Phantom Zone Villains.

Click on the picture to return to The First Unofficial Sarah Douglas Site Main Page.

Click on the picture to return to The First Unofficial Jack O'Halloran Site Main Page.