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UPDATED 3/30/07

Steven, a fan of Sarah was able to ask these questions to Sarah about solarbabies.

I briefly saw Sarah two days ago, and asked what questions I could

Sarah never auditioned for the film, the part was offered to her and she
liked the concept, so agreed to appear.

Hair was not short.  It was cleverly pinned back as she was growing it out
after having had short hair for The Professionals, V and Falcon Crest.  They
simply made her fringe spiky....

Working on it was fun, as it was filmed in Spain, so the drinking age was
lower than America, so therefore a big bunch of drunken teenagers made for a
lively atmosphere.

I got a screener of the DVD. the DVD includes both the widescreen and full screen version. Its has very simple menus and no extras. the picture is very nice for an 21 year old movie. The movie is in Dolby surround only.


                      I found this video cover from EBay. The movie was called Solar Warriors in the UK. I have not heard any news about the DVD release for Solarbabies.

Sarah had a bit role in Solarbabies. A 1986 Scifi movie starring Lucas Haas, Jason Patric, Jami gertz, and Peter Deluise. I remember getting excited about this movie. .Since Sarah was in it. She even did an interview with Starlog before the release. It seems that her part was alot smaller then I had thought. I was not happy about that. She didn't show up until about an hr into the movie. She only had a small part. I was very disappointed. I did meet Peter Deluise years later and asked him about Sarah. He said she was very proper English style. Sarah would later join Lucas Haas in the Animated Series: Heavy Gear. A special thanks to Eric for the Solarbabies screenshots. Both Sarah and Peter are not happy with the movie either. I was not the only one.


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