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                                              SARAH DOUGLAS DVD LINKS


                                                                                                  UPDATED 6/2/02



                                                                                SARAH ON DVD (UPDATED) 8/7/04

                                                                                CONAN THE DESTROYER DVD PAGE

                                                              SUPERMAN: THE MOVIE - SPECIAL EDITION DVD
                                                                           SUPERMAN II: SPECIAL EDITION DVD

                                                              THE PEOPLE THAT TIME FORGOT: SPECIAL EDITION DVD

                                                                                                     DVD REVIEWS:

                                                              CONAN THE DESTROYER: SE REGION 2 GERMANY REVIEW

                                                                                         HEAVY GEAR: DVD REVIEW

                                                                                           Swamp Thing 2 DVD Review (NEW)

                                                                                                  V: TFB DVD REVIEW

                                                                                      DVD PRODUCER INTERVIEWS:

                                                                                                    GREG CARSON

                                                                                        (CONAN THE DESTROYER SE)

                                                                                   ANA BARREDO -SWAMPTHING 2 DVD (NEW)

                                                      SARAH'S MOVIES LINKS

                                               SARAH'S TELEVISION LINKS


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