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May 26, 2008!

Breaking news:


September 19th-21, 2008!

I am off to the Mountaincon  in Salt lake on Sept 19th and I am looking forward to doing a special evening of recollections and tales from Hollywood as an extra little bonus for the fans.
It will be entitled
'Conversations with a Resident Alien'


I have posted another picture from the French Convention. Its Sarah meeting the Stargate Sg-1 fans at the French Convention. Its the first picture with **.

Sarah appeared at a French Stargate convention a couple of weeks ago. I am sorry that I did not know about the convention. However a fan has written to me about the convention and sent me some pictures.

Hi Jacob,
here are some pictures I took at the French con.
Sarah was great!
during the Q&A she told us some funny stories
during the charity auction she came among the audience to show the items.
and during the autograph session she posed with us (Italian fans) wearing
the hat with the symbol of "planet" P3X-SPQR (Rome's section of SG1 Italy
Fan Club) we gave her (btw I'm the one on the left, on Sarah's right ;o) )


Click on the thumbnails to see the larger picture. Some pictures are very huge.


The November convention has been delayed until July of 2004.

                                                                                SARAH DOUGLAS RETURNS TO

                                                                                                SCIFI CONVENTIONS

Sarah Douglas will be attending all three days of the event. There will be day passes available on Friday only, for 40, and weekend passes for 85 (Juvenile tickets for under 12's available at half price and babes-in-arms go free). Delegates wishing to stay at the venue need only name the event to receive the convention discount. There is also the option of 200 limited edition VIP passes (125) that allow delegates access to all areas for all three days. The VIPs will be assigned the front 10 rows of the auditorium and are invited to a VIP Cocktail Party on the Friday night with the guests. VIPs are also guaranteed a photo opportunity with the guests and autographs. We have entertainment every evening, including fancy dress competitions that Sarah Douglas will be judging herself, Live music and a karaoke evening! There is no Q-ing at our events as all seats are fully-allocated (theatre style, first come-first served basis) and all Autograph and Photograph queues are virtual only.
The event launches a new magazine by the same name in which Sarah Douglas will be featured in an interview. Snippets of interviews will be available on our website and at Stargate Alpha (see home page for banner link).
It is a multi-media event (hence the 'Alternate Universe' name) with actors from Stargate SG-1, Andromeda (JR Bourne), Jeremiah, X-Files, Relic Hunter, Outer Limits (Peter Stebbings), Babylon 5, NYPD Blue, JAG (Andrea Thompson), and V, Superman I & II, Conan the Destroyer (Sarah Douglas). Both Sarah and Peter have had guest spots on Stargate SG-1, but are more known for their main cast works. Sarah, as you know, also had a guest spot on Babylon 5.

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