UPDATED 9/28/09

Special 25th Anniversary screening of

Conan The Destroyer

October 24, 2009

With a special rare appearance by Sarah Douglas at the screening.

Sarah is delighted to announce that she fully expects to attend the 25th Anniversary Screening of Conan The Destroyer in LA on Oct 24th, unless plans get unmade. Hopefully lots of fans will turn up! Sadly, co-star Grace Jones will not be able to attend.....




A company called Neca is making new figures based on the 1982

Conan the barbarian movie. See the link below.

there is no word on figures based on the second Conan movie. I was hoping that fans would write to neca asking for a figure of Sarah Douglas as Queen Taramis. Hopefully they hear from many fans that want the figures and then they can release it. please help with this link below.




Cinemax HD will  be presenting both

Conan The Barbarian and Conan The Destroyer in HD this month!

Conan The Barbarian on CINEMAX

Conan The Destroyer on Cinemax

A fan sent me this gif of Sarah from Conan The Destroyer.

Dear Jacob,

I haven't yet listened to my commentary on the dvd but I do know that there is  a copy  of the collectors edition autographed by myself and Grace on E bay.  I gave the okay to my niece to auction it off so hopefully she will get some good response and I can assure the fans that it is genuine and hot off the press!!!


I have posted the screenshots from the new Conan dvd!

Conan The Destroyer UK DVD Screenshots!

I finally heard from Sarah:

dear Jacob, thank you indeed for putting the Conan people on my track. They reached me through all sorts of clever and devious means and they said you were very helpful so THANKS

I shall look forward to hearing the end results!!

The Conan The Destroyer DVD is region 2, its also a region free. You can play it on all dvd players. However you need to make sure that your dvd player can PAL format. If you have any questions. You can e-mail me.

You can preorder from the destroyer region 2UK

Please feel free to post this Conan banner on your site to promote the dvd!




Sanctuary Visual Entertainment have announced the UK Region 0 DVD release of Conan The Destroyer (Collector's Edition) for 27th September 2004 priced at 15.99. Conan The Destroyer received a theatrical release in 1984. Born out of the success of 1982's Conan The Barbarian, The Destroyer offered fans another opportunity to witness the burgeoning star in Arnold Schwarzenegger, as he delivered the goods as the sword wielding, guard slaying, action hero Conan.

Conan The Destroyer - Collectors Edition DVD is presented here in 2.35:1 widescreen, with new 2.0 and 5.1 Surround Sound and comes complete with a collection of entertaining and insightful extras, including 'Conan's Quest: Quiz', 'Collector's Lobby Cards and Booklet', 'Cast and Crew Profiles', 'Image Gallery'. 'Theatrical Trailer' and a 'Commentary Track with Sarah Douglas'.

Sarah Douglas has recorded her first commentary track for the Conan The Destroyer Region 2 dvd. Mark Roberts, the dvd producer sent me this e-mail about the commentary: The commentary went very well, Sarah talks about her role in Conan, What it was like working with Schwarzenegger, Grace Jones, and other actors - as well as about her career, including Superman.

It will be released later this year. Castle Home Video owned the rights to Conan back in 2000. They released a movie only dvd of it back then. Sanctuary Records now owns the rights to Conan The Destroyer. They are releasing a special edition dvd later this year. The following DVD cover is from the old dvd.

Sanctuary Records from Region 2 is going to release a special edition of the Conan The Destroyer in August. No word on the extras at the moment. Castle Home Video released Conan The Destroyer back in 2000 on dvd. Conan the destroyer region 2:uk

UPDATED:  Thank you very much for writing to Universal customer service for the Conan The Destroyer se dvd. Its okay to write them once a month and still remind them that you still want the Conan the Destroyer Se.. You can mention the site and also the dream dvd page too.

Universal Home Video released a disc box set that includes both Conan films with Arnold Schwarzenegger. The Conan The Destroyer is not the special edition uncut version. Its the same version as before. Here are some screenshots from the new dvd: Just Click on the pictures to see the bigger version of the pictures.


UPDATED: I have created a page with my ideas for the Special Edition for Conan The Destroyer. 2004 also marks the 20th Anniversary of Conan The Destroyer.


There is a new magazine out in the stores about Arnold. They talk about his films including Conan The Destroyer. There is also a great picture color picture of Arnold with both Grace Jones and Sarah Douglas. The other picture is the advance movie poster for Conan The Destroyer. It has a very nice picture of Sarah as Queen Taramis.

UPDATED: If you can't phone Universal, then you can e-mail them at universalstudios& Ask for the se of Conan The Destroyer uncut. I am still working on getting the uncut version of Conan The Destroyer released on Region 1 DVD. There is a customer service number for Universal Pictures/Home Video 972-293-5903.

                                                                HELP GET THE UNCUT VERSION OF CONAN THE DESTROYER RELEASED ON DVD!

I am still working on getting the uncut version of Conan The Destroyer released on Region 1 DVD. There is a customer service number for Universal Pictures/Home Video 972-293-5903. They are located in Texas. It will be a long distance number. Please be polite when talking with the  telephone operator. They will take your request/notes about all titles relating to Universal. Ask them about the uncut version of Conan The Destroyer. I have talked with Sarah about this matter. Sarah's response: I think she would love to see the Conan footage on DVD as well as me so I shall tell her about it.  I know that Sarah is also interested in the uncut version of Conan as well as her many fans.
There is a petition for the uncut version of Conan The Destroyer over at the home theater forum: You can sign up and respond to the forum about the uncut version of Conan. I want to thank you for calling the number and supporting the Region 1 SE of Conan The Destroyer.

Universal home video recently re-released Conan The Destroyer on DVD. Its the same version as before. No special edition DVD of  Sarah's cut scenes. You can get the DVD with the first movie. You can read my DVD review of the first movie here: CONAN THE BARBARIAN: COLLECTOR'S EDITION DVD. I have not heard anything about Universal re-releasing Conan The Destroyer as a special edition for Region 1. Still have to wait and see.

Sarah did an interview with The Arnold Fans Site about working with Arnold on Conan The Destroyer.

I found a site on the character of Conan. Sarah of course played Queen Taramis in Conan The Destroyer. There is a forum and also a page about the Conan movies including Conan The Destroyer.

If you are looking for a cheap region free DVD player. I highly recommend the Cyber home 402. It can convert from PAL to NTSC just perfect. when I play Conan The Destroyer from region 2 and 4. I get the 2.35 and not 1.85. I found the DVD player for 69 bucks at Radio Shack. You need a code that you use from the remote to make the player region free.. You may e-mail me at

 if you have any questions. has a review for Conan The Destroyer: SE from Region 4.

I conducted an interview with Greg Carson. He is the DVD producer for the Conan The Destroyer Se DVD.

GREG CARSON is hosting a contest for the Region 2 DVD movies featuring Arnold. They include Predator 2 disc SE, Conan The Barbarian, and Conan The Destroyer. You must have a Region free DVD player to play the movies. If you have any questions about the player, You can e-mail me.

I have posted the Conan The Destroyer Germany DVD Review!


I found a review for the Region 4 DVD of Conan The Destroyer. It was from DVD net. Find the link on the main page.

I have updated the DVD Screenshots page with screenshots of Sarah from Conan The Destroyer SE DVD.

The  Conan The Destroyer SE

I have updated the French Conan The Destroyer DVD with links to a couple of reviews, that include some great screenshots. Both reviews are in French, and you will need the translator for it.

I have updated the Conan The Destroyer Region 2: Germany DVD with the Official Front and Back Cover for the DVD. I also posted a link for review on the DVD.

The good news is that Conan The Destroyer SE is coming to DVD. However it's for Region 2. There are 3 versions, one from France, Japan, and Germany. I have created a separate page for DVD.. Please take a look.

The Region 2 DVDs are enhance for widescreen and include English 5.1 However the bad news: No uncut version, and no interview or commentary by Sarah.

I read this from DVDFILE.COM. I have petitioned for a US version. I am trying to get that done. The great news is that Conan The Destroyer SE region 2 is finally getting released in February 2002. Fans that have a region 2 or a region free DVD player will be able to play it. Composer Basil who did the music for both Conan movies, was interviewed last July for the DVD. I am not sure if the new version is the uncut version or not. We will find out!

A special note for Sarah Douglas Fans about the petition for Conan The Destroyer Uncut.

In 1982, Arnold Schwarzenegger played the title of Conan in Conan The Barbarian. It was based on Marvel comics of the Barbarian, Conan. The movie was a huge hit for many fans. It was also very violence and had a lot of sex. It was given an "R" Rating, and was very successful with an "R" Rating.

In 1984, Arnold returned as Conan in Conan The Destroyer. The studio wanted to release a gentler Conan and made the film rated PG. It backfired, and none of the fans were happy with the cuts including myself. Even Arnold has stated that it was a mistake. Arnold would later have major success with the first Terminator movie. After that film, he never had to do another Conan film.

Sarah Douglas has always been my favorite actress since Superman 2. She was just amazing as the Evil but beautiful Ursa who hated men and wanted to destroy the world. She certainly made life difficult for Superman. Of course Sarah had a great breakthrough performance for her role as Ursa. She would later become famous for playing villains. She has done a great job doing that.

While she was filming Conan The Destroyer, she would fly from Mexico to Burbank, Ca to film the nighttime soap opera Falcon Crest. She would fly back and fourth between the two jobs. She was certainly busy during those days.

There are two items that she mentioned to me. First was that character was never kidnapped so she could do the Conan Movie. She would travel back and fourth. The Falcon Crest producers gave her special permission to do both. Second: She never did a nude scene with Arnold. She was able to keep her clothes on during the love scene. This is what Sarah told me about scenes from Conan. " Don't know where anyone got the idea that I did nude work!! Far from it...I am way to British and conservertive!! I was fully clad in Conan and even had my crown on during love scene with Arnold!!" Regardless of this news. I am still interested in the uncut version.

Sarah also express her thoughts in Starlog 1986 about her favorite scenes that were left on the cutting room floor. She had a love scene with Arnold and seduces a statue.

I knew about the cut scenes when the movie was released. I read about in magazines. I even read the official novelization for the film. Even the comic book has some cut scenes.

I have had alot of major success with this Unofficial Site on Sarah Douglas. I have met so many people, both fans, and friends, and even family. They all like this site very much. They learn more about Sarah from this site then anywhere else. I even had Sarah respond to a few questions here and there. When I started this site, I wanted to know about a couple of items. I wanted to know what happened to Jack O'Halloran. He was MIA since 1994. I certainly found out what happened to him. He is a great guy and I have helped him connect with both Terence and Sarah. I also got to see a very rare movie that Sarah did back in 1977. Her first leading role called The Brute. Its one of her best roles. I am glad that I got to see it.

Those items were easy compared to getting the uncut Conan The Destroyer released on dvd. I have been petitioning at the home theater for the uncut version of Conan. I have had many people sign up for it. I want to thank everyone who has posted and saying that they want the uncut version. I also got great news that there is going to be a region 2 SE release of Conan The Destroyer on dvd. A special thanks to Which I hope with this petition, and the future release of Conan region 2.. that anything is possible. This internet is a powerful tool. getting the uncut version of Conan is possible. We just need to show Universal that there is an audience for the film. You might be an Arnold fan, A Conan fan, A Sarah fan, or just a fan of fantasy films. I ask you come and join us as we petition for the uncut version of Conan. We need a least 100 votes or so.

UPDATED 8/12/01





Here is the link to register for Home Theatre forum.

HOLY S#$*#(*!!!! I have been trying to get a SE of Conan The Destroyer released on dvd. The good news is that the SE is coming. The bad news, that its only on Region 2. This is an awesome start! The dvd will be enhanced for widescreen, documentary and other extras. Perhaps some deleted scenes? Plus a brand new cover. A very special thanks to for the info. MGM is releasing the title overseas. No plans from Universal to release a SE here in the states! Hopefully we can change their minds.

I have had few people post for the uncut version of Conan The Destroyer on DVD. I still need more votes for the Uncut Conan The Destroyer. Thanks again for helping out.

Over at the Home Theatre Forum, there is a petition for the UNCUT "R" rated version for Conan The Destroyer. Hopefully if many fans can write and say that they want to see the "R" rated Conan The Destroyer. Many of Sarah's favorite scenes were cut to get a PG rating. This includes a love scene with Arnold. Sarah has mentioned that she was NOT Nude in the love scene with Arnold. I have always wanted to see the uncut version of Conan, ever since I saw the movie. Hopefully Universal will see the post at the home theatre forum and make a new DVD of Conan. You will have to sign up and be members for the home theatre. It's very easy to do. Sarah talks about her cut scenes from Conan in the 1986 Starlog Interview. I have had a few fans write to me about getting a copy of the "R" rated version of Conan The Destroyer. This is not just about me. I know that many fans want to see the "R" rated version. Thank you for the support.

DVD screenshots from Conan The Destroyer. I also have screenshots from Sarah's other movies on DVD which includes, Dracula, The Demolitionist, and Voodoo.



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