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I wish to congratulate Sarah with her birthday on the 12e. Although I am a woman i'm a fan of her. I wish her a very good life in the next years.

A Taal

Dear Sarah, I love your work and have seen you in so many films, but my favorite is the PUPPETMASTER character of Leech woman. I'm a big horror movie fan. I hope you have a wonderful birthday and may all your wishes come true. You should count yourself a lucky lady to have such a sweet and devoted fan like Jacob. All my best, Sheila

Happy Birthday from a big fan! I hope you enjoy it fully, and many thanks for your wonderful performances in the movie (especially Superman II)!Jonathan Hoyle

To Sarah. I loved seeing you in Superman 2, Return of Swamp Thing, V The Final Battle (which I've got the mini-series and most of the tv series) and Conan. You're a terrific actress. See ya all soon! Erin

Hey! Ms Douglas I really like you playing Ursa in Superman II alot,but you are a Superwoman dressed in black as well.I love Conan and I like watching it about you. Danny McKinney

I have to thank Sarah for being such a cool and down-to-earth person


Sarah, through the years I have found you to be a woman and lady of distinction. Thanks for being you! Anyway Sarah, your elegance and presence in Conan The Destroyer really impressed me. Take care.-- Anthony

I am a fan of Sarah Douglas movies and I really think she is an excellent actress. I especially liked her as ursa, in the superman 1 and 2 movies because she plays the part of the female villian very well. I wish her a Happy Birthday and a nice day on her coming birthday this week and I am very glad that you started this website on this wonderful actress, it is a terrific site and I hope you keep it up in providing info and keeping this site going. Sarah you are a wonderful actress and I hope you continue acting and being on movies in the future. With Love Lupe G.

Hello. It's nice to see so fine an actress and so beautiful a woman as Ms. Douglas being given the attention she deserves on your website. Merry Christmas! Sol

From all your fans all around the world both online and in the real world.. WE wish you a very happy Special day as you celebrate another birthday this year.. May your dreams come true and may you have the best birthday celebration with your family. JACOB (host of the First Unofficial Site of Sarah Douglas)

Superman, General Zod, and Non help celebrate a special birthday for Ursa.

Sarah was born in England, December 12, 1952. I hade done a countdown to Sarah birthday. I had a picture for each day.. to visit that page come to


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