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I created a site about Actress Sarah Douglas on September 9, 1999. A special thanks to Psyberware, Kyle Thompson, Mike Lynch, Jack O'Halloran,




Welcome to the First Unofficial Site Of Sarah Douglas.

The one and only Sarah Douglas.



Sarah Douglas will be visiting the" on October 8 & 9, 2011. She will be joining other cast members from Falcon Crest. Hollywood show


On December 3, 2011, The FALCON CREST 30th Anniversary Reunion will be held at The Sheraton Gateway Los Angeles Hotel (LAX) to commemorate 30 years of FALCON CREST. Many of your favorites will be there and the guest list is still growing. So reserve your tickets now as seating is on a first come, first served basis. Return to the Tuscany Valley and meet the men and women who lived their lives off the fruit of the vine and proved time and again that revenge could be sweeter than wine. Falcon Crest Reunion  

Breaking news:

I am very interested in hearing from Superman fans. I would like to know when you became interested, whether it was the comic books or comic strips, radio, TV or films that drew you in, and what form your interest takes today. I am interested in what Superman means to you -- from role model to fantasy escape to just a great story. I also am interested in anything else you are willing to share about your passion for the Man of Steel.

If you are willing to share your story, please email me at Great if you can say if you comfortable with my possibly quoting you. Also, please tell me how old you are, where you live, and what you do work-wise.

Thanks very much.
Larry Tye

Sarah has a new website:



UPDATED 12/23/09


Brand New:

General Zod from Superman 2

Action Figure!

General Zod action figure!

There are no plans for an Ursa or Non at the moment. However I think if this new Zod figure is a success for Mattel. they would consider doing Ursa and Non. buy up and tell your friends.  Click on the General Zod link for to order the figure.

First Official Ursa Action Figure

The final comic book issue: lost Son: part 5 and 6

is in stores now!

First Official Ursa Action figure!

General Zod Action Figure!

DC Direct is releasing action figures based on the Superman Action Comic line from Richard Donners comic book. Richard Donner has brought back the 3 phantom zone villains from Superman 2. They are also releasing a figures on Zod. no word on Non as of yet. A special thanks to the for this news. A special thanks to DC comics for releasing figures based on the comic book line.


SARAH DOUGLAS Blu ray news:


Superman The Movie, Superman 2 (theatre) and Superman 2: The Donner Cut was released on blu ray in a boxset this past june. It also includes the theatre and extended edition of Superman The Movie. It also includes the documentaries from the dvd that sarah did an interview for.
Conan The Destroyer was released on blu ray with the release of the new conan remake. it was released here in the US and also overseas. There are no extra features on the region A edition. The Overseas blu ray of Conan includes the extras found on the mgm dvd release from 2002. There is no UK release of Conan The Destroyer on blu ray as of yet. However there was a newly released dvd.


Since owning this site, I have gotten alot of e-mails from fans for Sarah. I do pass the e-mails to Sarah and she does read them. "I can't e mail everyone Jacob, please explain.........xS" However she is not able to respond to all of the e-mails. However I do get messages from Sarah about her fan mail and pass the note to the fans.

Updated message from Sarah: Thank you for posting that and I promise that when I can I will respond to e mails!!! The same goes for fan mail which can sometimes take 6 months to get too but I will do it and thank everyone for all the letters they send!!!!!Xx S

Could you direct any fans who wish to contact me for autographs etc.. to

Sarah Douglas
13 The Close
Hampton Lucy
Warwickshire CV 35  8AY

I am getting mail sent to all over the place so now my niece in England is going to deal with it.  Thank you for your help with this!

Special Message from the Webmaster!

 I have forwarded all the fan & family e-mails to Sarah when I have gotten them. I will continue to do that. If you have written to me in the past, please send me an e-mail so I can add you back to the email list. Please address the subject with Sarah on it.

I now have a new e-mail address: Please update my e-mail with this address:

rubystone356 @

thank you,


The Webmaster


December 2006.

I have been promoting the Starlog issue for a while now. I was able to get a free copy from Starlog company with the Sarah Douglas interview. Her interview starts on page 75. Its about 5 pages long. Sarah talks about her career including Superman and Conan and others. She also talks about Terence Stamp, Christopher Reeve and Marlon Brando.

you can order back issues from

Latest News



We are back in some limited form. I have updated some info about the blu rays of Superman films and Conan The Destroyer. See above for details. Stay tune for more news coming soon:

(8/11/09) Sarah will be attending in Burbank, CA. The date is October 10-11, 2009.  This is her first Convention in Southern California in a few years.

(5/21/09) I posted some news above. items related to Ursa comic book, facebook fan site and Sarah's official site. 

(12/16/08) Larry Tye is a writer. He is doing a book on Superman. He wants to make contact with Superman fans about the book. Please see details at above.

(12/16/08) Scifihobby is releasing some Conan The Barbarian trading cards in late January of 2009. Please see above for details.

(11/10/08) Sarah is doing a guest spot on the BBC daytime soap opera "The Doctors". Please see above for more details.

(6/1/08) Sarah has a new official site. It has info about her movie and TV career. the link to the site: . this site will still be here. Its not going anywhere.

(5/26/08) Sarah will be attending Utah convention in September.  Please see above for details.

(4/11/08) Sarah is doing a convention in Germany. The link is here:

A special thanks to Steven for the info. She is also recording an audio for Stargate sg-1.

(3/7/08) Posted new info about the Superman: The Music boxset.

I have posted the new coverart for the re-release of Return Of The Swamp Thing.

Finally. There is news about Conan The Barbarian figures based on the first movie coming from Neca. I have posted the link above to Neca regarding figures for Conan The Destroyer.

(2/15/08) Official announcement about the superman boxset score. See above for details.

Some news for your site......Sarah recorded at some stage last year (I think it was 7 episodes in total - the number 7 rings a bell, but I can't be sure until I see the CD) some vocal work for an audio CD with David Warner once again - they did Sapphire and Steel previously - and the CD was launched this week in London at Forbidden Planet....I only got the info after the event as it was all a bit rushed to get it launched.  The CD is called The Brightonomicon, and I have amended her Wikipedia entry to include this information. A special thanks from Steven for this report.

(1/28/08) Superman score boxset including all 4 films is coming soon. Please see details above.

(1/12/08) Matlock season 1 (April 7) and Return of Swamp Thing (April 1) are coming to DVD.

(1/2/08) Cinemax HD will be presenting both Conan The Barbarian and Conan The Destroyer on HD this month. See above for more details.


(12/6//07) The Superman figures based on the Action Comics: featuring the return of The Phantom Zone Villains are now out in the stores. Please check at your local comic book shop or They only have figures for General Zod and Ursa at this time.

(9/9/07) Today marks another Anniversary for my website. I want to thank everyone who come and visited the site about Actress Sarah Douglas. I know there has been a lack of news this past year. Its pretty hard to follow with the whole Year Of Superman from 2006 with Superman 2: The Donner Cut. Sarah is currently writing her first book. We will hopefully have some good news soon.

from the Webmaster!

(8/18/07) I have been promoting the Starlog issue for a while now. I was able to get a free copy from Starlog company with the Sarah Douglas interview. Her interview starts on page 75. Its about 5 pages long. Sarah talks about her career including Superman and Conan and others. She also talks about Terence Stamp, Christopher Reeve and Marlon Brando.

you can order back issues from

(7/26/07) Some DVD news  Meatballs 4 in region 1. August 28, 2007 is the release date for Meatballs 4.

Sorry about the lack of updates. Angel fire was having some connection problems with FrontPage.

(7/3/07) Exclusive news for Jacob's site - "happy to announce that I have been preparing a manuscript for publication that has now been approved by a publishing house. The basic concept is a sci-fi novel based in and around Hollywood and don't want to say too much as I don't want to give the plot away." When the novel is finished and ready to go, will be happy to provide all the information required".

A special thanks to Steven for this news report.

(3/30/07) Sarah Fan Steven was able to ask Sarah a few questions about Solarbabies.

Click on the link below.


(3/20/07) I have updated the Ursa action figures news with a release date. Its coming this November.

(3/18/07) I have updated the site with action figures news and DVD news. See above for details.

(3/6/07) Solarbabies is now on DVD. Sarah has a supporting role in the film.

(1/20/06) Sarah is doing a new convention next month. Please see details above.

Sarah also has a response about the new sci-fi channel movie: Gryphon. See above for details.

(1/7/07) Sarah recently did an interview with Starlog. Its the December 2006 issue. See above for the cover details. I have not seen the issue yet.

(1/2/07) Welcome to the New Year. We got some DVDs news for you.

The Classic movie Solarbabies is coming to DVD on March 6, 2007.