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"We feel like we've become contenders at our own game, so it's kinda like, alright, let's go a few rounds and see who's still standing!" -Daniel Glass, Mean Street, Sept. '98

Photo taken by ?. Source at RCR.

These 7 men make up one of the most talented bands to come out of California. Their career has long endured the hardships of time. They have proven that good music can be enjoyed by many even without the excessive airplay of radio and/or MTV. Their live shows are always a pleasure to see. Every single show has something different, something special about it that puts a smile on each face present. It might be because of the soothing voice of frontman Eddie Nichols, the kick-ass beats comming from drummer Daniel Glass, or the heart-stopping trumpet playing by Scott Steen. Or is it possibly the mind-twisting sounds comming from Veikko Lepisto's bass, James Achor's amazing guitar skills, Bill Ungerman's phenomenal baritone sax playing, or Mando Dorame's "no-comparsion" tenor saxophone skills? Whatever it is, it's sure nothing less than what they are...Amazing. Royal Crown Revue was currently on tour in support of their new album, Walk On Fire. They are now in the process of establishing a world tour that is soon to go underway.


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NEW!!! Band Photos: THE AMAZING 'ROYAL' CROWNS NEW!!!(3/23/00)
NEW!!! Photos: Random shots from the RCR Galaxy show NEW!!!(3/26/00)
NEW!!! More pictures of the ARC NEW!!! (5/8/00)
NEW!!! Was I the only fan of the Crown in Bako? NEW!!! (7/20/00)

BACK!: Ugh, after hours of flight time, non-English speaking people, and tons of jet lag, I'm back :) Umm, left a little later than expected so I made it to the Hoot; My trip went over real fine; I'll be taking lots of stuff down so browse while it's still up! As for now, you can look at these pictures of my pals... -Bettie Royal-
WATCH OUT EUROPE!:Howdy,folks! I'll be leaving for Europe tomorrow, 6-30-00, to catch up on some overdue relaxation time, so expect to hear news about my 'lil ol trip and the Psychobilly Fest in Calella Spain! Woo-hoo!!! -Bettie Royal-
AMAZING SHOTS: New pictures of the Amazing Royal Crowns are up...
VIVA LAS VEGAS: Lots of us here are still ravin' about this event. Many tips go out to Tom and Twila Ingram for puttin' on this wonderful event. I was there from the 19th to the 25th, so as one could see, I'm worn out! That's also the reason this page hasn't been updated. Pictures from the Shifter's Car Show, VLV bands, people, etc. will be up soon. (As soon as my lazy ass goes to the lab and developes 'em!) Till then... -Bettie Royal-
PHOTOS: Just added some shots of Danny and Bill from the Galaxy show. Too funny! -Bettie Royal-
NEW: Just put up, pictures of the AMAZING 'ROYAL' CROWNS at the Bowl-A-Rama, here in L.A. Enjoy these for right now, while I set up some more. -Bettie Royal-
OUT NOW: Just a reminder ta some of ya: Issue #2 of Hot Rod DeLuxe is out for yer viewin' pleasure! Be sure to pick up a copy before their gone...Heck, pick up two!, "Share the wealth, Brother!" On that same note, Issue #7 of Barracuda Magazine is ouw now, too. -Bettie Royal-
THANKS: I just want to give a personal thanks to the boys of the Amazing 'Royal' Crowns with providing me with some of the 3 best days of my life!!! The drives from Ventura, to Eagel Rock, and then to Bakersfield were exhuasting, but well worth it. I wish ya'll the very best on the rest of this God-foreskaken tour with HomeGrown, and expect more performances in CA, especially the one at MY HOUSE!!! Hehehe, :) Stay greasy...-Bettie Royal-
REMINDER: Do you like kustoms? Dig yerself some rockabilly music and/or the likes of it? Can you read (or just like to look at "pretty" pictures)? Well then, you MUST, (did I make myslef clear?), !YOU MUST! pick up Issue #2 of Hot Rod DeLuxe!!! Aaron and all the staff have been workin' really hard on this for all of ya'll, so don't be a sucker and pick it up when it hits the stands on March 21, 2000!!! Go to Hot Rod DeLuxe and see for yerself what all the fuss is about!!! -Bettie Royal
ON THE SAME NOTE: Kustoms by TSR will be commin' out in print soon so go check 'em out on their site if you haven't already. -Bettie Royal-


  • Members are: Eddie Nichols(vocals, rhythm guitar), Mando Dorame(tenor sax), James Anchor(lead guitar), Bill Ungerman(bari and alto sax), Scott Steen(trumpet), Veikko Lepisto(bass), Daniel Glass(drums, percussion)
  • Albums are: Kings of Gangster Bop(1991, BYO Records), Mugzy's Move(1996, WB Records), Caught in the Act(1997, Surfdog Records), The Contender(1998, WB Records), Walk on Fire(1999, SIDEONE Dummy and RCR Records)
  • Group established in 1989
  • L.A.'s pride and joy!!! (Based in Los Angeles)
  • Have left their major record label (Warner Bros. Records) and since formed their own label
  • Known by their fans and peers (I'm sure =) )as the "Godfathers of Neo Swing"
  • Hardest working band in da world!

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