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Zelda: the Story

Points of Zelda 64

The Story OF ZELDA 64

It all began when Hyrule started........................

The three godesses Din (the godess of power), Farore (the goddess of courage), and Nayru (the godess of wisdom) descended upon Hyrule. It was chaos. They created life, and peace. Where they left Hyrule, the Triforce remains.

Hyrule enjoyed life under peace between the four races: the Gorons who live atop Death Mountain, the Hylians who are normal people, the Koriki the people who stayed children forever they are watched by the Deku Tree, and the Zoras whose guardian god is Jabu Jabu. The Gerudos were another race that oined Hyrule much later. They are led by the evil Ganondorf.

Then, Something horrible happened and Hyrule went into war again. A Hylian woman escaped from the chaos the Koriki Forest with her small child. Though she had a short time left to live, the Deku Tree let her stay and when she passed on, he raised the boy as a Koriki. The boy never had a fairy like all the other Koriki.... He never knew his true heritage until much later.

He had been having bad dreams lately when one day he was awoken by a fairy. The Deku Tree had given him a fairy! Navi, Link's fairy led him to the Deku tree to banish a curse that Ganondorf had set upon him. Young Link suceeded, but there was nothing he could have done to save the doomed guardian Deku tree......

In his dying breathe, the Deku tree gave Link the first spritual stone. The spiritual stone of the forest. He also told Link that he had to save Hyrule from the evil Ganondorf. Link could only promise that he would. The great Deku tree also told Link to meet the PRINCESS OF DESTINY in Hyrule castle where she could explain the rest.

As Link left the Forest his best-friend Saria a Koriki gave him a present. It was a fairy Ocarina! With this Ocarina, Saria taught Link a song so that he could always talk to her. Link's adventure had begun!

The Great Owl stopped Link on his way to the castle to tell him some hints. Then, Link finally reached Hyrule castle town. By now, he had a slingshot, a Koriki sword (ooh aah), deku nuts, and a fairy ocarina. He made his way to the castle, but not before spying the beutiful Malon, daughter of Talon. She asked him to awake her father who had fallen asleep near the castle. Link did so, and then he made his was towards Princess Zelda, the Princess of Destiny.......

Zelda was surprised at first, but then, she told Link that she had had a dream about him. She said that there had been a light from the forest that had vanquished evil dark clouds. At first Link thought she was coo koo, but as she talked on and told the story of the Ocarina of time, the Triforce, and the three Spirtual Stones, Link began to believe her. She sent him on his quest to get the 3 spiritual stone before Goanondorf did (he sybolized the dark clouds). Through thick and thin Link continued his quest, even after Ganondorf claimed the Triforce. Link claims the Master Sword and becomes th eHero Of Time! He met many characters, including Sheik, Ruto, Malon, Daurunia, Nabooru, Impa, etc!

I won't tell you any more, PLAY THE GAME for yourself! I don't want to ruin too much. If you ever need any help just E-mail Reni!