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August 27, 2000

Hey everybody! So sorry I haven't updated in a long time!! I was away and stuff and I had NO free time! Anywayz, I'll be updating lots more as the school year starts and I will be fixin my pages majorly! More captions are being added to the Majora screenshots on LOHZS! I CAN'T WAIT FOR MAJORA!!!!!!!!!! I'm ok now....anywayz, I'm uploading more sm pics on CUCP! And that's about it for now! Cya!

July 10, 2000

I've really been busy!! I even forgot to update the updates section! (Right now, I am learning Japanese among other things and don't have much free-time). Some things I have done include: uploading every single majora picture I have (I may be getting more). I also added Nabooru to my staff. They have promised make some updates and put up info. on the Majora screenshots. Today, I hope to make a section with links to other great Zelda sites and a staff and character section(I know I already promised this!:). The more staff I get, the better this page will become.

On CUCP, expect to be seeing manga pictures of all the scouts. I have them all, I just have to upload them. I am running out of memory (I already did on LOH) and may have to make a second page. (Say ca6/reni).

June 26, 2000

Sorry about not having updates. I was on vacation for a while. Well, I added some pics to the Majora section and I started making the Zelda character profiles. I also fixed the buttons on LOH and Saria joined the staff.

June 12, 2000

I made new buttons on LOHZS and got people to sign my guestbook (that took a lot of doing, ya know!).

June 9, 2000

I had to change the main LOHZS(Legends of Hyrule: Zelda's Story) Page because something on angelfire deleted it! I am working on Zelda character and Sailormoon character profiles. I may be adding a Silent Mobius section to CUCP(Chibi Usa's Crystal Palace). I started uploading the Majora screenshots. Hurry and enter the contest!!

June 6, 2000

I made the screenshots page on LOHZS, added a guestbook, and attached this page to it. I also created more links and changed some other minor things.

June 5, 2000

I made the updates section! Teehee! I made a new contest, fixed the pics page and added my first contestants entry to my contest page. I added a new song to the main page(feel free to request a song!! I have over 100 sailormoon and zelda songs).

~Chibi Usa/Zelda~